20+ Netflix binge-worthy shows to watch this summer

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With all of the regular programming on hold this summer, many viewers will turn to Netflix for continual entertainment. Many TV shows will come back on air in September or October (see this guide of what shows to expect this fall). So you have a few weeks to keep yourself entertained with other shows, such as the 20 shows listed below!     Netflix Exclusives Orange is the New Black: The story of… Read more

Office friendly summer pants + sale alert

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Depending on where you live, chances are that it’s still pretty hot outside. Where I live in Texas, it’s still over 100 degrees, so shorts, tanks and summer-y dresses are ideal. Of course, I can’t really stroll into work with shorts and a poolside tank top. Luckily, there are other wardrobe options for this debacle, and today’s post focuses on summer pants. Take a look at GenPink’s editor, Elysa, and… Read more

Shop discounted designer merch at Dallas’ FIG Finale (Aug. 27 – 29)

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Shoppers – grab your wallets. It’s time for the annual FIG Finale sale this weekend in downtown Dallas! Our friends at DFW Style Daily will be at the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG) to host the popular FIG Finale, one of the city’s most exciting shopping events all year. The event kicks off Thursday, August 27 and will feature clothes, shoes and accessories for women, men and children. Shoppers can find designer deals up to 75% off retail prices… Read more

A Sewing Nook: finding crafting space in a small apartment + Essential Sewing Tools List

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I love crafting but in my two bedroom-two bath apartment there really isn’t space for a craft room or even a craft table. I have had to get creative in how to keep my sewing supplies organized and easily put away. My mom gave me a jewelry organizer (similar Jewelry Organizer / Jewelry Storage Bag) several years ago and I already had a great way to organize my jewelry so I wasn’t… Read more

Ice Cream and a Virtual Friend Date

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I can’t believe that I haven’t seen my BFF in a month; moving cross country will do that. When I lived in Dallas we ate at least one meal together a week or we would get together for coffee or practically any excuse we could come up with. We chat on the phone frequently but sometimes it would be nice to see each other. One idea is to Skype, FaceTime,… Read more

Inspirational quotes from Quotabelle

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A great quote can leave a lasting impression on anyone. It may help get you get through a hectic workday, an agreement with a friend or another time of unhappiness in life. Sometimes a small burst of inspiration can help! I recently learned about a Quotabelle, a website full of meaningful quotes that was established to help increase the sharing of quotes and stories of women in hopes of balancing out the number of… Read more

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