Product Review: My New Love for Bella B!

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I LOVE getting new things to try. And I LOVE IT when I find that I LOVE those new things. And I LOVE sharing my new loves with YOU!   Bella B Natural Body Care sent me a wonderful package of a few of their products, and guess what… I LOVE THEM!     Bella B Natural Body Care produces and sells all natural and organic skincare products for moms… Read more

FREE Print Your Way to Organization

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It’s time to get some stuff done, but it sure is hard to get started. This list is here to help you get on the right track when you’re ready to get organized, with FREE printable organizational lists!   Weekly To-Do List Start your week off right with an organized list of your daily to-do’s. Keep all your tasks in order on this one page. Find the printable list here.… Read more

Refashion Your Wardrobe: Wearable DIYs

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You’ve had that old shirt in your closet for so long, and it’s time to do something new with it. Or maybe you’ve thrifted an awesome dress, but it just needs a little something extra to fit in with your style. Well here are some tips and tricks on how to refashion your clothes into trendy, fashion-forward pieces!   Was: Old T-Shirt. IS: NEW Pom Pom Necklace Raise your hand… Read more

Celebrate those funny and cute cat videos at the Internet Cat Video Festival, Aug. 24

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The Internet Cat Video Festival is the first offline celebration of online cat videos. The live event gathers fellow feline fanatics to watch a curated collection of cat clips — from six second Vine videos to short films and everything in between — in a social environment. The event this year takes place at Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd, Oak Cliff) on Wednesday Aug., 24. The evening’s screening will feature approximately… Read more

True Confessions – I’m A Carbotarian!

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Carbotarian – one who does not shy away from eating CARBS! They’re filling, and sometimes deemed the enemy, so when you eat your carbs don’t just go for any old potato chip. Make sure they’re creative, exciting, and DELICIOUS! These recipes will get you started on your way.   Blueberry Breakfast Grilled Cheese What better way to begin carbotarianism than starting with breakfast! It’s time to bring grilled cheese out… Read more

Delicious and Affordable: Meals on a Budget

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One of the biggest expenses in a budget is food. Daily we have to come up with delicious meals that satisfy us and anyone we’re cooking for. This list is here to make that task easier and much less expensive!   Cook for Leftovers Budget your money and your meals by spending a bit more, making a bit more, then freezing the leftovers for later. These are recipes that taste… Read more

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