10 Gifts for the Person Who “Doesn’t Want Anything”

Don’t you love it when someone responds, “I don’t want anything,” when you’re trying to figure out a gift?

Yeah, we don’t either.

Of course you’re going to buy them something – and not knowing if they’ll actually use or enjoy what you’ve wrapped up can take the fun out of buying them something to begin with!

That’s why we’ve come up with 10 affordable and thoughtful gifts that will have them saying, “I didn’t know I wanted this until now!” So next time the dreaded, “No really, I don’t want anything,” comes out of someone’s mouth, you’ve already got it covered.

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Sure, your friend may not think that they want this…until they’re 3,000 feet in the air and could really use a drink to take the edge off. This cute little kit is airport friendly, and includes everything you need to make two Moscow Mules (including a linen coaster). Find it on Amazon here!

Voluspa Mini Tin French Bourbon Vanille

I know buying a candle for someone who already doesn’t want anything really just screams ‘re-gift me!’ – but that will only last until they take off the lid and get a whiff. Voluspa is known for making gorgeously packaged and even-better-smelling candles, and the Bourbon Vanille smells as fancy as it sounds. Find it here!



If you want to give an experience as a gift, Viator is the place to check. They’ve got tons of events on their database, from small towns to destination cities. You can also sign up for their email list and get notified when your town has something fun come up! Check them out at www.viator.com.


The Bouqs

Bouqs is a flower delivery service that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The flowers are gorgeous, and their packaging is really thoughtful and beautiful. They also have a subscription service, so you can turn it into the gift that keeps on giving! See what they have blooming at www.bouqs.com

Electric Car Blanket

While they may doubt its usefulness, they’ll be calling to thank you when their car door is frozen shut and the cold bites through even the heaviest parka…BUT their car blanket warmed them up within 5 minutes! It plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, is made of warm fleece, and has an extra long cord so even the people in the back seat can use it. Find it here!


23 And Me

This may sound like a strange gift, but stick with me: Not only is it fun knowing what your ancestry is, but 23 and Me gives a lot more information than just where your ancestors came from. They can tell you where other people with your same ancestry are living, your maternal and and paternal Haplogroup, and what percentage of Neanderthal you’re working with. There’s even a timeline that tells you when and where your specific genetic timeline happened, which is pretty cool. Get more information at www.23andme.com.



This is a gift that you can feel really good about giving, because it’s doing good in the world. As Kiva’s tagline says, “Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not.” $25 is all it takes to give a loan to someone – this can be for a woman in Malaysia starting her own business, a farm in Uganda who needs a new goat, etc. Once the person has the funds to repay you, you get the money back and can then loan your amount to fund someone else’s dream. Give a loan in your friend’s name, and you can let them know how their gift was used to help someone in need. Find out more at www.kiva.org. 



The Sea Turtle Conservancy allows people to ‘adopt’ an endangered turtle, and it goes a long way in helping the Conservancy to continue their work in saving these animals. Adopt one in your friend’s name, and they’ll receive a personalized adoption certificate, Sea Turtle guide, membership window cling, sticker, bookmark, hatchling magnet, and a one-year subscription to STC’s publication. One of the best parts is that you can keep track of the adopted turtles through the website. Adopt a turtle here!

Arbor Day Foundation

If your friend is a plant lover, this gift is the one for them! If you sign up under their name for an Arbor Day Foundation Membership, they’ll send your friend 10 free trees that are perfect for their location. You can choose from different variations, and the Foundation will send the trees when it’s the perfect planting time based on your zip code! Find out more here.


Your Time

Honestly, in today’s culture, we rarely take the time to just be with someone. If your friend truly doesn’t want anything, suggest spending a day together, doing whatever floats their boat. While it may feel weird to have nothing tangible to give, investing your time and energy into being with them will most likely mean more than any gift could.

With these gifts in mind, who knows? Maybe you won’t even need to keep asking what people would like to receive. Let us know in the comments if you like these gift ideas, or if you know of others that would be a great addition for the person who doesn’t want anything!