15 Solo Date Ideas

No date this Friday? Pfft, you don’t need one! Not only are solo dates empowering and a great way to unwind, they help you get to know yourself better and to enjoy your own company – and really, there’s no one else you spend more time with than yourself!

If you’re still new to taking yourself out on dates, start with some of the easier and less social ones, and then work your way up once you feel more comfortable being places alone. In a world where we’re constantly around people – whether in person or through social media, it’s good practice to just be. So try looking at your phone less on these dates, and spending more time just enjoying yourself!

Treat yo’self to a mani/pedi! 

Is there anything better than ending your week with some pampering? We don’t think so. Schedule an appointment at your favorite salon, bring along a book or magazine, and enjoy not needing to make small talk with a date.


Attend an open mic night

Open mic nights tend to be cheap, entertaining, and usually involve some form of alcohol – what’s not to love? If you’re feeling like being social, see what your city has going on this Friday night in the mic night department! Bring some friends, fly solo, or see if some coworkers want to tag along.


See a movie (yes, by yourself!)

For some people, the thought of going to a movie alone can be anxiety-inducing (trust us, we totally get it). But, the pros might be enough to outweigh the initial feeling of awkwardness. You get to see whatever you want, put as much butter on that popcorn as you’d like with zero judgment, and you can sneak in some wine disguised as water in an aluminum bottle. You little rebel, you.


Get cookin’

There’s something sultry about cooking a gourmet meal, wine in hand, jazz music playing in the background. And let’s be honest, you don’t need a significant other standing around to tell you how good that Beef Bourgouignon smells. So buy some fancy ingredients from a specialty market, turn up the jazz, and get cookin’.


Go on a staycation

This idea turns your solo date night into a solo date vacation. Book a room at a nearby bed and breakfast or boutique hotel, pack your bags, and spend the weekend unwinding and enjoying some time to just be. Whether you choose to lock yourself in your room all weekend or pretend to be a tourist in your own city, we promise you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed come Monday morning (and can you honestly say the same for your co-workers who had to brave first dates on Friday? We’re guessing not).


Hit the road

Pack some snacks, get a playlist ready, and take a long drive (knowing your destination ahead of time is optional!) Drive far enough that you escape some of the light pollution, and enjoy watching a gorgeous sunset and stars. Try downloading an app like SkyView so you can see what constellations are out, and don’t forget to pack some hot chocolate and a blanket in case you decide to get out of the car!


Enjoy a paint ‘n’ sip night

Not only are these entertaining, you’ll have the memory of your paint ‘n’ sip to look back on. Are the prices just a bit too steep? Host your own! Get some canvas and paints from a craft store, invite over some friends, pop open your favorite bottle of bubbly, and watch a YouTube tutorial for your inspiration!



Take yourself out to breakfast

This is a great way to get some personal time in before the craziness of your day starts. Check your local diners for breakfast specials, and give yourself plenty of time to enjoy that double-stuffed French toast. This is also a great time for journaling and setting intentions before your day, so buy yourself a pretty notebook and create a weekly or monthly breakfast date for yourself!


Have a home spa night

Keep it simple with some epsom salts and a candle, or go all out with diffused essential oils, a yummy smelling bath bomb, spa music, a face mask, and some scented lotion – this is the perfect excuse to head into your favorite beauty supply store and snag something fun! Head straight to the sale section for cheaper buys that still smell and feel amazing.



Sometimes the best way to feel good about life is using life to do something good! Check out your local humane society or soup kitchen for weekend volunteer opportunities; if you’re looking to make a longer commitment and impact, the Big Brothers Big Sisters and Boys and Girls Club are always looking for mentors!


Indoor camping! 

The more you commit to this one, the better. Move your furniture, set up a tent and sleeping bag in the living room, and ‘roast’ ‘mallows in your oven (or fireplace if you have one!). Set up some string lights around the room to act as ‘stars’, and turn off your cell phone and TV for the night – you’re camping!


Go shopping

Whether it’s for makeup, wine, clothes, or a new book, take yourself out shopping! Grab a coffee or tea from your favorite shop, and take to those shopping aisles. If you’re worried about spending more than your budget has room for, just pull out the amount you have to spend in cash, and when you’re out the gig is up!


Sign up for a local education class

This is a great way to get stated on a new hobby, and local classes are usually inexpensive and taught by someone who’s really passionate about the subject matter. Check out your city’s website to see what classes are being hosted this month, and pick the one that piques your interest!


DIY night

If you’ve been meaning to finish that project or start a new one, have a DIY date night with yourself! Order in some take out, put on your favorite Spotify playlist, and get those projects done – not only will you feel productive, creativity is a great way to feel rejuvenated and ready for a new week!


Netflix and ice cream

An oldie but a goodie, Netflix and chill is a definite solo date night option. Grab your favorite pint of Ben and Jerry’s, curl up with a good blanket, and binge watch that entire season in one sitting. You know you want to.


Which of these solo date ideas have you tried? What’s your favorite way to spend a date night with yourself? Let us know in the comments!