Month: April 2014

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Roundup: May Charity Events in Dallas

We’ve rounded up a list of highly-anticipated charity events coming to Dallas in May. The organizations below have great intentions toward wonderful causes, and you can learn more about them below. Have a local charity event you’d like to add? Email us at PR @ genpink (dot) com.  Elizabeth Toon Charities Benefit Concert, May 1 Elizabeth Toon Charities is gearing up for […]

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5 Ways to Be More Productive | Genpink

5 things to do to be more productive

This is a guest post in our latest series, 5 Reasons You Should Guest Blog. We all get the same amount of time each day to make our mark on the world, 24 hours- right? Which may seem like a lot. It’s suggested that the average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep to fully recuperate though, leaving 16 hours […]

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Long-Distance Mother's Day Gift Idea// GenPink

Long-Distance Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day is always a happy day I enjoy spending with my mom. I look forward to it each year because my mom has a permanent smile on her face the whole day and I think that is my favorite part. Admittedly, I usually rush over to the mall the day before we get together […]

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Benefits of Singing | Genpink

7 Surprising Benefits of Singing

This post was written by Alicia Lawrence, check out her other posts on Genpink. Did you ever sing in a children’s choir at Christmastime, or join in a school musical? How about that time in music class? Did you know that while you were playing around with your friends in a garage band you were […]

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3 Post-Workout Filler-Uppers// GenPink

The 3 Best Post-Workout Filler-Uppers

As an avid runner, I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME. These hunger pains seem to come with the territory of working out. Whether you are trying to lose weight, stay healthy or happen to accidentally go run around the park for an hour with your dog, activity helps burn calories and MAKE YOU HUNGRY! I […]

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4 Tips for Staying Organized When Moving//GenPink

4 Tips for Staying Organized When Moving

This post was written by Ashley, a brand new contributor to Genpink who just moved from Midwest to Texas. As you can imagine moving your entire life across several states can be quite chaotic. So, she’s sharing her tips on how she stayed organized during the whole process! This is a sponsored post written on behalf […]

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Mother's Day Gifts | Enter to Win

{Giveaway} Mother’s Day

April and May are serious gift giving times in my life. This week is my wedding anniversary (gift guide post coming soon), in May I have 3 birthdays, Mother’s Day and Graduations. I’m always saving clever gift ideas, so when Lindsey from More Awesomer Blog asked if I wanted to join in a Mother’s Day […]

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Easter Chick-themed Eats for the Change-O-Phobe// GenPink

3 Chick-Themed Easter Foods for Change-O-Phobes.

It’s Easter! Which means I’ve been on the lookout for a new chick-themed decoration to incorporate into one of my family’s staple Easter dishes. A little insight on my family is that we are BIG on consistency. Changing a recipe or swapping out ingredients to try something new is nothing short of frowned upon. We […]

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5 Common Self-Sabotaging Diet Pitfalls//GenPink

5 Common Self-Sabotaging Diet Pitfalls

Editor’s Note: This post is part of our 5 things guest post series, see details here. This is Ashley’s first post but she will be a regular contributor to Genpink, so please give her a warm welcome! Hi GenPink readers. My name is Ashley and this is my very first post on GenPink. I’m looking […]

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Clean Out Your Fridge Muffin-Tin Meatloaf with Progresso Recipe Starters

Clean Out Your Fridge Muffin-Tin Meatloaf with Progresso

-This is a sponsored story in partnership with General Mills via Federated Media.- I feel like there are two types of cooks: must follow-a-recipe line by line type and the spontaneous, can’t replicate what I did, hope this turns out okay cook. I’m generally the recipe following type, particularly when it comes to measurements. While […]

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