3 ways to creatively organize scarves

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Chances are it’s scarf weather in your corner of the world. Unless, like us, you live in Texas (or Florida) where it’s still quite warm. Even still if you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of scarves…a variety of colors, sizes and thickness (the blanket scarf is one of my faves!). Here are several solutions to organizing your scarves…in a stylish and creative way!

I dislike cold weather. But I heart scarves. Go figure. // 3 ways to organize scarves - genpink

Scarf Organizing: Shower Curtain Rings

This method is a total space saver, especially if your closet is small. Purchase a pack (or more, if needed) of shower rings. Clip the rings on a clothing hanger, but don’t make it heavy. Run one scarf through each ring, and hang in your closet when done! Read more on Gurl.com.

Clothing hanger for scarves / 3 ways to creatively organize scarves
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DIY Scarf Organizer

Another DIY project for organizing your scarves is to glue clothespins on a long piece of wood, which needs to be hammered to the wall. Choose your favorite color for the materials for an attractive look! Read more about this method here.

3 ways to creatively organize scarves


Buy: Scarf + Purse organizer

I have the hanger shown below, and it works so easily. It’s “supposed” to be for organizing purses, but I use it for scarves, wallets, and purses. Just tuck in each scarf in its own cubby. The see-through spaces make it easy to track down which scarf you’re looking for. Get this on Amazon for a few bucks! Moment of truth: I actually have 4 of these. I use them as seasonal organizers – summer/spring scarves, fashion scarves, versus legit warm scarves (and hats).

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