44 Horrible Dates: Book Review & Giveaway!

What was your worst date like? Even if you haven’t experienced a bad date, you may know of someone who can relate. Meet Eddie Campbell, author of 44 Horrible Dates, and your worst date story may not even compare.

Campbell wrote this hilarious book after experiencing some of the whackiest dates while living in Los Angeles. One of his dates even took him to an In-N-Out Burger drive-through and admitted he was out of this usual state of mind…and that’s just the beginning of Campbell’s date disasters.This book keeps you flipping the pages for more laughs. And no, Campbell is not exaggerating. This was all real life! 


The humor is like a mix of Chelsea Handler with a touch of Daniel Tosh. Some of the chapters may get a little raunchy and, uh, bare, but nonetheless, it was a fun book to read. The writing style is easy to follow, and each chapter is just a few short pages. All I kept thinking after each chapter was…can the next date really get any worse? If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted, amusing book, 44 Horrible Dates won’t disappoint you. Maybe you can relate to some of the crazy scenes! Read a sample chapter on Amazon to check it out.


Now here’s the GIVEAWAY part!

Have you been on a horrible date?? Share with us your worst date in a few sentences in the comments section below. We’ll choose our favorite answer and ship you a copy of 44 Horrible Dates! This contest closes on July 31, 2012.


(Disclaimer- Copies of this book were sent to us for review and a giveaway. We provide our honest opinions when writing reviews and were not compensated for this post.)


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  1. After agreeing to a first date at a known cougar bar, I was asked my background and family history. When I mentioned my last name had swedish roots, he responded by saying “That explains why you have a thicker build”. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and kept going with the date. Come to find out 20 minutes later, he had conveniently left his wallet at home and left me with the $75 tab. I promptly closed out and began to leave. He then had to ask me for cash for the valet. This was our first, and last date.

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