Animal Board Books Roundup

A big part of being a toddler is learning about animals and all the different sounds they make and things they do. What better way to celebrate this toddler-ism than reading along with our animal buddies? We’ve compiled a quick list of some sturdy board books, all about animal friends, and the fun things they do!


What’s your favorite animal book for little ones? Share with us in the comments!


One Two Baa Moo

Get your little one counting with this fun, sturdy pop-up book. Watch the pages come to life as the animals pop right out of them, and learn to count to five, too!

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?

Ask the animals what they see, then find out by sliding the little doors open. Your toddler will love the seek-and-find adventure of this beautifully illustrated classic.


From Head to Toe

This one helps toddlers discover that they can move just like all their favorite animals! Wave like a monkey, kick like a donkey, and copy all the fun movements that the animal characters do.


Heads and Tails

With sturdy pages shaped just like the heads and tails being talked about in the book, this one is great for little ones just learning about the different parts of their own bodies. The whimsical illustrations introduce them to some animals they may not already know, too!


Whose Teeth Are These?

You can learn a lot about an animal from their teeth. You’ll see the teeth first, then get some clues, then lift the flap to find the answer – and see if you guessed right! Toddlers will love being able to discover new animal info this way.


Tell us what animal board book you would add to the list in the comments below!