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Alicia Lawrence is a Harrisburg-based writer and entrepreneur specializing in communication and health. She works as a content coordinator for a tech company and is the founder of MarCom Land. Her hobbies include tennis, cooking and restoring a 1985 Mustang. For more about Alicia, find her on Google+ or follow her on Twitter @Ali_MarCom.

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5 Ways that Being Outside Can Better Your Body and Spirit

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Once upon a time, young people spent their entire summer outdoors. This is markedly different than the youth of today, who are constantly distracted by electronics — television, video games, computers, smartphones — and, of course, the Internet. This year, make an effort to spend more time outside, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded, as it has been proven time and time again that fresh air is truly good for you.… Read more

How Pinterest Can Help Make Your Twenties a Breeze

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This guest post was written by Ali, leave her your thoughts in the comments! See her other genpink posts here. Let’s face it, your twenties can be really hard. Financial instability, crappy jobs and simply feeling lost can really take a toll on your happiness and life. Don’t let anyone fool you, the quarter-life crisis is real, but you can ease the blow thanks to a great technological resource. Pinterest… Read more

7 Surprising Benefits of Singing

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This post was written by Alicia Lawrence, check out her other posts on Genpink. Did you ever sing in a children’s choir at Christmastime, or join in a school musical? How about that time in music class? Did you know that while you were playing around with your friends in a garage band you were actually improving your overall wellbeing? Recent evidence suggests that while singing is fun, it actually… Read more

5 Things to Know About Outdoor Décor

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Whether you are moving into a new place or updating your home, it is important to update the exterior style of your house as well as the interior. If you watch enough HGTV, you probably have a basic understanding of curb appeal: trimmed lawn, pruned bushes, a crisp paint job and living plants all make your house look much warmer and more inviting then a bunch of vines covering the… Read more

Five Awesome Spring Break Vacations

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This guest post was written by regular contributor Alicia Lawrence.  After months of suffering through the snow, ice and freezing temperatures of the winter season, many college students and working professionals take a well-deserved spring vacation. There are many different ways to spend your spring break. Traditionally, travelers sit on sunny beaches with a tropical drink in hand, but you don’t necessarily need to be ocean-side for a great spring… Read more

{Gen Y} How to Find Stability When You’re Unbalanced

Posted on and Tagged , , Stressing & complaining will change nothing. Take action, make a change, and never look book.

This guest post is written by Alicia Lawrence. See her full bio at the end of the post. I know a lot of women who are struggling to manage all of the challenges in life. With burdensome weight on their shoulders, they had to find an outlet to get relief from the stress. Stressed stay-at-home moms, victims of abuse, overworked young professionals, the heartbroken and those experiencing loss could be… Read more

Why Gen Y is so Unhappy (and What We Can Do About It)

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This guest post was written by Alicia, her full bio is at the end of the post.  All generations have particular issues and mindsets that define their lives to a large degree. Each generation’s characteristics even impact the next one. The Greatest Generation grew up during the Depression and became frugal and focused on economic security. Post-war Baby Boomers were raised to have an optimistic view of the future and… Read more

How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Going Broke

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The holidays may be the time for rockin’ around the Christmas tree, but all those festivities can carry a hefty price tag. If you’re like me, the holidays mean new party gear, visits to friends and family (hello, gas and airfare!) and lots and lots of presents. All that celebrating can wreak havoc on your wallet. However, it’s possible to cut your spending and still enjoy the holidays in style.… Read more

What to Consider Before Switching Careers

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This guest post was written by Alicia Lawrence, a Harrisburg-based writer and entrepreneur specializing in communication and health. See her full bio and other posts here. Decades ago, a career was something that an individual could expect to be singular. A person went to college to pursue a career path or had on-the-job training directly out of high school. However someone came by his or her chosen manner of work, there… Read more

10 DIY Halloween Costumes

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If I have to see one more “naughty nurse” or “sexy kitty” costume I will vomit pumpkin. Seriously, ladies, Halloween is the time to whip out your creativity and put it on display for everyone to see. You can finally put your Pinterest obsession and DIY skills to work. 1. Taco Bell Sauce Packet That bright yellow, strapless swimsuit cover-up you have balled up in your dresser can be your… Read more

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