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Editor and Chief Bloggess of GenPink, Elysa calls herself a "professional geek girl". She's a Texas Girl (Dallas to be exact). Digital Strategist & Community Manager by Profession. Lover of all things pink. Mac & Cheese fanatic. Tweet me: @elysa.

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Cheeseboard & Wine Adventures at Home

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Thanks to UncommonGoods for sponsoring this story. Do you have a dish or a specific meal that you love to order when you’re out? Several weeks ago a group of girl friends and I started this Monday night adventure we’ve titled #indefinitecheeseboards. We’re on a mission to try, and analyze, all of the cheeseboards in the Dallas area. Checkout our Instagrams so far: #indefinitecheeseboards on iconosquare. The thing is… I’m… Read more

Ask yourself this

Posted on when was the last time you... // 26 items to ask yourself

I’ve been revisiting old blog posts lately. I found a great list I wrote in 2009. When was the last time you… ate something you cooked yourself bought something you’ve been wanting for a while called someone just to say hi discovered something new about yourself entertained people in your home felt what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes gave back heard a child laugh indulged just… Read more

Blogging Tip : Optimizing Your Archives + Genpink posts from August past

Posted on and Tagged Blogging Tip : Optimizing Your Archives

I was recently asked to be a guest on XO Sarah’s Badass Babes Blog + E-course. I answered several questions about how to use social media to grow new and established blogs. This year marks seven years since I’ve been blogging. My style has certainly changed over those years. But I decide some downtime this summer was best used to optimize some of my blog archives. Here are some tips for… Read more

9 Travel Tips :: Girly Summer Edition

Posted on and Tagged genpink-katydid

Thanks to Katydid Collection for partnering with us on this post!  I know some girls, particularly those who love fashion, are known for being overpackers. I learned the art of lean packing from my mom. There are a few transferable tips, but for the most part being a lean packer requires practice and self-discipline. A few weeks ago I took a work slash fun trip to Los Angeles area. The… Read more

Pinterest Pressure: “Unfinished” Home Tour

Posted on IMG_6949.JPG

I received a notice several weeks ago from Timehop that one year ago we were in the process of waiting on our loan to go through so we could buy our very first house! When we started the home buying process I envisioned we’d have a whole series of Young House Love-esque posts. The house we were buying certainly needed some revamping, so I figured we’d have the perfect before… Read more

Fashionista’s Guide to the Perfect New Car Pic + #NewCarFace Contest from Cars.com

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This sponsored story is in partnership with Cars.com as part of their #NewCarFace Campaign!  Buying a car can be a monumentus occasion. If there were record books (outside of Instagram) it’d certainly be that type of occasion. I’ve had three cars so far in my car driving years. The first two I wasn’t part of the car shopping adventure. The third, and still my current car, was a very stress free… Read more

Small Changes Toward a Healthier You

Posted on and Tagged , Small Changes Towards a Healthier You

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Millennial Central for Evolution Fresh. I received coupons for Evolution Fresh juices to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. I’m sure you can think of at least one person you’d classify as a healthy lifestyle extremist. They might be sharing six check-ins a week at the gym or constantly be on a soapbox about… Read more

7 Ways to Refresh Your Summer

Posted on and Tagged , , 7 Ways to Refresh Your Summer

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Starbucks through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Starbucks, all opinions are my own. There’s a global understanding that January is the official time for resolutions, new beginnings and an overall rebooting of your routines. I’d like to challenge that norm! Summer is an excellent time to re-evaluate. Whether you’re the resolution type or not,… Read more

Bonga Foods :: creating brighter futures

Posted on Superfood Yogurt & Berry Parfait | Bongo Foods

The Bonga Foods has an inspiring story that we wanted to share. The company’s mission to to empower women and children throughout the world, support local harvesters and encourage the sustainability of the Baobab tree in Sub-Saharan Africa through the fair and emetic trade of the Baobab fruit. The Baobab Tree, meaning Tree of Life, produces the Baobab super fruit that’s full of antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals. There are two… Read more

P.F. Chang’s Spark Something New

Posted on and Tagged pfchangs-dynamiteroll

Thank you P.F. Chang’s for sponsoring today’s discussion and for the tasty date night! We had an awesome opportunity to try out P.F. Chang’s latest menu items this week, so we took the chance to take a break from usual and see what the new offering is like.    They’ve recently rolled out their new menu, and it includes several new items, including new sushi and maki items, and small… Read more

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