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Gift Guide: Baby’s Coming! What to Give the New Mommy

Posted on Cupcakes

Do you  have a friend who announced a new baby coming in 2016? News of a new little one is an exciting and chaotic time for everyone involved. At times, it can be difficult and stressful, so providing support for the family in such times can be extremely helpful. Knowing just how to help can be challenging. Here are some gift ideas to help a friend or family member get a… Read more

Let’s Stay In for Drinks This Time!

Posted on Pom Marg

Beverages are perfect completions to any meal and even make some wonderful desserts and snacks. They can cool you down in the summer or warm you up in the winter. Explore these delicious recipes that will satisfy you any time of the year!   1. Veggie-Based Breakfast Smoothies With a variety of flavors, these delicious and healthy nutrient-filled smoothies are a great way to start out the day. Easy to… Read more

Anniversary Date Ideas

Posted on and Tagged , planting-780738_640

Do you celebrate dating or engagement “anniversaries” after you got married? This week is our Engagement-very, and last month would have been 7 years since we started dating. So, in theory we could celebrate in November, December and April (our wedding anniversary). Sounds like a lot of good excuses to plan anniversary dates! Whether you’re celebrating dating/wedding/or anniversaries, it’s only natural to want to make each year’s celebration better than… Read more

Holiday Dessert Recipes: Let Them Eat Cake!… or Pie, or Cookies!

Posted on Crepe

Dessert is so often the best part of the meal. To be enjoyed any time of the year or any day, it always brightens the mood and enhances the occasion. Here are some amazing recipes to get this year’s dessert plan started.   1. Creamy Nutella Popsicles After a hot day in the sun, eating a popsicle is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially if… Read more

Gift Stuck? Don’t Give Up – Give Unique!

Posted on Neighborhood Basket

Birthdays, weddings, graduations, the fast approaching holidays. No matter the occasion, there always seems to be some sort of gift giving involved. It is a part of our daily lives. We are always doing it but it never seems to get easier. Finding that perfect gift, especially for those who are really special to you is a challenge. Make it easier on yourself this year, especially in the holiday craze,… Read more

5 Rs to end 2015 on a high note

Posted on and Tagged , EvolutionFresh-SweetGreens

With the New Year around the corner, I’m taking some time to reflect on 2015 – landing a fabulous new job, connecting with lots of influential bloggers from around the country and practicing a healthy lifestyle. Though this season is full of holiday events and activities, it’s also a good time to wind down and pause. What are some of your favorite moments from this year? What made you smile? I’ve written five… Read more

Capture Your Creativity – Photo Tips and Ideas

Posted on and Tagged Friends

Photo shoots are such a fun way to capture all those big moments and experiences with the ones you love. Fun new poses and perspectives will enhance your shots and will help you have fun in the photo-taking process. With these unique and creative ideas, you photographs will take you back each time you look at them. Take advantage of the power of photography with your photo taking this year,… Read more

Get Creative With These DIY Gift Ideas

Posted on Pendants

Gift-giving can be extremely challenging, especially gift giving for close friends and family, as it is difficult to find a gift that is affordable and special. DIY projects are the perfect solution. What’s more meaningful than something you’ve made with your own hands just for the receiver? Here are some DIY ideas that will help you show your appreciation to the ones you love. DIY Coffee Mugs All you need for… Read more

Keeping Winter Wonderful! | Food, Fashion, Beauty & More

Posted on Beverage

The warm summer season is behind us, and the cold winter months are fast approaching. It’s time to winterize! Here are some tips to stay healthy, keep warm, and make the most of “the most wonderful time of the year.”   Mix and Match Winter Outfits Coats! Scarves! Leggings! Sweaters! Boots! It’s time for winter style and all the fun mixing and matching possibilities. Created from a selection of great… Read more

Making Happy Holidays All Year Round

Posted on

The holidays are a time of celebration, a time for delicious foods, fun projects, and activities with friends and family. Sometimes it can all be a little overwhelming though. Here are some tricks, ideas, and recipes to help you plan your holidays to run more smoothly. Reduce the stress and make the most of your holidays this year! 10 Leftover Turkey Recipes Don’t let the feast end with Thanksgiving dinner.… Read more

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