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Erica is married to Denis and lives in London. Eri is a recent university graduate and holds a degree in Film Theory and Writing. She is also a freelance social media and internet marketing consultant. Erica is the eldest of 5 girls, who blog as The Five Blondes, five twenty-something Canadian sisters who have been blogging together since mid 2007. Topics vary from finishing university to job searches, fashion to home decor, and marriage to pregnancy and new motherhood!

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Our Top 10 Xmas Traditions

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Every year when Christmas comes around, I begin to look forward to the many traditions that I keep with my family and friends. Over the years my sisters and I have enjoyed traditions that begin as early as late November and continue into the days following the holiday and involve everyone from school classmates to, of course, family. The past few years have seen us ‘retire’ some or our Christmas… Read more

Twenty Something Advice: When your body strikes back

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The twenty something advice series throughout this year has really grown and progressed and I am always excited when I get an email from someone wanting to provide advice to fellow twenty somethings via GenPink. A while back I got the following email from Erica of Five Blondes: The topic I’d love to write about is something along the lines of ‘When your body strikes back’. I was 18 when… Read more

R is for Relationships :: ABCs of Life in Your 20s

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One of my favorite parts of running this ABC series has been choosing the guest writers for each post. When I decided to have R be for Relationship, I knew I wanted someone who could write about all aspects of relationships – family, friends, work, as well as dating. The first definition of the term relationship is usually linked to romantic relationship. We already had a post about dating, so… Read more