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Hello! I’m thrilled to have been invited to contribute to the rose-coloured site that is GenPink! My name is Holly and Elysa and I go way back…although we now live on different continents would you believe we once shared a bedroom? (Well, dorm room!) I am a UK based, married mother of two with a passion for life, love and doing whatever I can to better society, one smile at a time!

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A healthy, family friendly meal for under £10? Yes we can!

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This guest post was written by Holly B. (Elysa’s college roomie), a Texan who now lives in Ireland with her husband and two sons! With the economic times as they are, almost everyone’s feeling the pinch. Over the years of marriage and especially when our boys came along, I have worked hard to manage a budget for our family and a huge part of that involves the planning, shopping and… Read more