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Lea Marino is the NYC community manager at Bizzy; a personalized local recommendation engine. Prior to Bizzy she had a short stint in traditional PR which led her to fully see the light that is Social Media. She's a proud alumna of the Newhouse School at Syracuse University (as you will see in the post). In her free time she enjoys all things mac and cheese and exploring the city and its restaurants with friends. You can holla at her - or with her - on Twitter: @LvM.

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10 Ways to be an Awesome Alma Mater Alum

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This is the 1st post in December’s Top Tens Series. This guest post was written by Lea Marino, NYC resident and Community Manager for Bizzy (if you’re reading via RSS click through for Lea’s full bio). “TOGA! TOGA!” Okay, maybe your undergrad years weren’t anything like Animal House. But, if you’re like me, you want to hold on to those 4(+) years regardless. After you’re finished reaping the discounts of… Read more