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Tiersa Buckley writes for datingsite.org where she frequently entwines todays dating dilemmas in most of her humorous and quirky articles. She has written on a myriad of topics and her website can be found at TiersaBuckley.com

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Meet the Ladies: Tiersa

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In honor of the new genpink redesign (OH you’ve been reading via RSS and haven’t noticed?) we are introducing new and existing contributors to genpink. Let’s get started: Tiersa Buckley Coffee or tea? Coffee Definitely. It’s my morning life juice that gets my day started in the right direction. That is, if I don’t spill on myself before 8:00. Best advice for life in your twenties in 5 words? Listen… Read more

Zumba Love-How to Shake off Your Dating Blues

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This guest post was submitted by a reader of GenPink. If you’d like to submit a topic or post idea you can do so here: If you’re looking for a good relationship that is faithful and loving to your mind, body and soul, Zumba just might be just what the doctor ordered.  First of all you might be asking what is “Zumba” and how can he heal my broken heart?!

Writing an online Dating Profile: Truth or Dare with a Smattering of Deception

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With the popularity of the December guest post series I’ve had numerous people write to asking if they can guest post. While I may not be able to get everyone’s posts in, my goal is to post at least 1 guest post a week. Unless of course I decide to run another series. This guest post is written by Tiersa, who likes to blog about online dating. Putting substance to… Read more