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After nearly two years of waiting, our family has expanded by two feet! We adopted our little one at 48 hours old.

We have some news… we are beyond excited to announce that some time this month we will be bringing home a baby boy ?! … Here was our FB post (dates updated) Days since we met: 2,499 Days we’ve been married: 1,443 Days since we bought our first home: 1,053 Days since we decided to expand our family through adoption: 595 Days we’ve been officially approved and waiting: 473 Days since we got THE CALL: 7 Days until due date: 16 We were officially matched with the birthmother last Monday! We had the joy of meeting her on Thursday. #eplusr

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As of today, he’s been in our home for 1 week. During our approved and waiting stage I did all sorts of research on everyone’s favorite baby items. One underlying theme was “it really depends on the baby”. I could not agree more. So, based on our very seasoned time (7 whole days) of parenting here are our newborn essentials… so far.

Newborn essentials: Week 1 - Genpink

  1. Swaddle blanks – these were a gift from a friend and they’ve come in quite handy. We use them to “baby burrito” him, and also as a light blanket
  2. Swaddle sleepers (I call these baby straight jackets)
  3. Several different types of bottles/nipples to try.
  4. Carrier/Wrap – little man loves to be held, so strapping him to me has been the best way to get some movement in
  5. Burp clothes (ALL of them) – he was born at over 9lbs so dude can EAT! And with that bottle chugging comes some serious formula spitting and mouth leaking
  6. Clothes – this is certainly a personal preference, so far we are liking onesies, zip leg ‘jams and open bottom gown type things (these are best for middle of the night diaper changes)
  7. Diapers – because he was such a big guy, we had to take back the box of Newborn diapers we were gifted and switch them to size 1. We’ve tried two brands so far and Pampers by far are working the best. Let’s just say there was a pee running down the leg incident with another brand.

Tell me, what else are we going to need for our little in the coming months?

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  1. katelin says:

    I loved the Rock N Play, it was a great place to put the kiddo down and we even used it as Riley’s bed for a few months. I loved that it moved anywhere and made it so I could shower, ha. 

    Also, if you have a Costco membership, their wipes are pretty great. Hurray for the little guy!