Bizzy… aka what I do during the day

I have a (okay a few) question for you…

  • do you know the “day job” of bloggers that you follow regularly?
  • do you know what your Facebook friends do for a living?

… neither do I. Well maybe some.

If you are here (or reading via RSS) you must know that I’m a blogger and I sometimes talk about pink things and other times talk about technology. I like to classify myself as a blonde computer nerd, which might be an understatement because I am in fact quite techie (particularly for a girl). By day, and by middle of the night noctural people time, I am a Community Manager for Bizzy. If you haven’t heard of it, yet, don’t worry because we just launched a new site, YESTERDAY!

So what is Bizzy?

Bizzy is a personalized local recommendation engine. The keyword here being personalized. Bizzy helps you find the best places to eat, shop, and play based on the spots you already know and love. You tell us your favorites, and we’ll find you new ones.

You and I both can visit our trusty friend google (or any number of social networking sites and ask “hey goog… what’s the best Pizza in Austin/Phoenix/Miami“. Guess what will happen? We will get the same answer. No offense to you dear reader but I know that I don’t like the same food places as you. I mean, I know not everyone shares the love of Mac & Cheese that Jamie, Lea and I have. It’s okay, not everyone is a carbotarian.

I digress… it’s quite simple. You answer a few questions. Think “who has the best salsa” the food kind, not the dancing kind. And Bizzy will provide some recommendations for things you might like. We are still in the beta stage (translation there may be a few bugs) but we’d love to have you check it out and let us know your feedback.

bizzy recommendation engine

How to Be a Bizzy Ground Breaker in Your City

  • Go to
  • Sign up via Facebook or your email address
  • Answer some questions about your favorite places to Eat, Shop & Play
  • Share your recommendations with your friends via Facebook and Twitter… or email or snail mail or staple some flyers to a board at your favorite dive bar
  • Keep up with the latest news about Bizzy: Facebook, Twitter, & Blog
  • Be awesome

Bizzy in the News

If you’re the twittering type you can follow @Bizzy or if you’re in the select pre-beta markets @BizzyDallas (me), @BizzyNY, or @BizzySF. If you have any feedback, questions, ideas, praise… you can leave a comment here. Comment on the Bizzy Blog. Or email me and I’ll pass it along.

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  1. Never heard of Bizzy before… off to take a look right now :)

  2. Scott Asai says:

    Thanks for sharing Elyse! The site looks cool…

  3. elysa says:

    got a great team making things look cool and work well too :)

  4. elysa says:

    great! let me know if you have any feedback.