Blazers for Every Office Culture

While some offices allow employees to dress however they choose (within a reasonable limit), many have a business-casual dress code, and some have even stricter rules regarding employee outfits. As a young woman in the working world, it never hurts to start building a career wardrobe, and one of the first pieces you should purchase, regardless of your office dress code, is a blazer. A staple that every young woman should own, blazers can look great and add just the right amount of professionalism to an outfit. They can also be pretty expensive, but here are five blazers that will have you looking your best without wiping out your entire paycheck:

1. Corporate America

Corporate environments tend to be the most limiting when it comes to fashion. Suits are standard in these offices, as are “tasteful” colors, shoes and accessories. Zara’s classic Cool Wool Blazer is perfect for a corporate workplace. The $79.90 single-breasted blazer comes only in black, which isn’t the most exciting color, but its simple, refined look will have you looking like the professional you are.

2. Business as Casual

If your office dress code is business casual, Tinley Road’s Bleecker Blazer is the perfect piece to wear to work. This $79 single-breasted ponte blazer features a notched collar and is a classic in black, but it also comes in vibrant colors, making it more fun and stylish. From the bright canary yellow to the deeper raspberry radiance, this blazer will add some pop to your work ensemble.

3. Preppy Heaven

J. Crew is a fashion promise land for those with a preppy aesthetic, and its Factory Professor Blazer is a godsend. At $128, this blazer is the most expensive of the five on this list, but take comfort in knowing that not only does it abide by the workplace dress code standards, but you’re also getting it for nearly 25 percent off the regular price. This single-breasted blazer has pockets, including an ornamental one on the chest, and comes in the standard navy and heather graphite (gray), as well as camel and the fun — yet less office-friendly — maraschino cherry.

4. Casual Friday

Casual Friday is the psychological saving grace for many employees, signaling the arrival of the weekend with an appreciated transition out of work mode. Forever 21’s Nautical Striped Blazer will fly in the office on those Casual Fridays and pretty much everywhere else too. This single-breasted black and ivory blazer costs $32.80, has padded shoulders (don’t worry: not the intense ones from the ‘80s) and decorative pockets, and will work inside and outside the office year-round.

5. It’s a Free-for-All

For those who work in an office without a dress code, Line & Dot’s Avery Blazer is a great addition to your wardrobe. This $99 blazer is definitely the coolest of the bunch, with features such as a beautiful persimmon color, hook-and-eye closures instead of buttons, tabs on the shoulders and black vegan leather trim along the sleeves and the truncated collar. Though the blazer lacks a collar and a lapel, the one thing it certainly doesn’t lack is style.


Bio: Sarah Fudin works in community relations at 2tor Inc, which partners with the University of Southern California’s Master of Arts in Teaching program delivered online, training prospective teachers on how to become a teacher.  In her free time Sarah enjoys running, reading and Pinkberry frozen yogurt.

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