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5 Things to Know About Outdoor Décor

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Whether you are moving into a new place or updating your home, it is important to update the exterior style of your house as well as the interior. If you watch enough HGTV, you probably have a basic understanding of curb appeal: trimmed lawn, pruned bushes, a crisp paint job and living plants all make your house look much warmer and more inviting then a bunch of vines covering the… Read more

Shop for a Cause with Macy’s Heart of Haiti line

Posted on Shop for a Cause with Macy's Heart of Haiti line | Genpink

When we first started the home buying process I knew I wanted to write several home decor, remodeling and other house related posts. I take great pride in how I’ve styled my home. When we have new visitors, I love walking them through and telling them the stories behind the multitudes of photos and other items sitting around. Since we registered at Macy’s, several of the items in our home… Read more

Home Décor Tips for Your First Post-College Apartment

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This post was written by Michelle, a new contributor to Genpink. If the best four years of your life have passed in the blink of an eye and you’ve entered the real world, you know it’s not easy. If you’re lucky enough to have gotten a great job and are finally moving out of your parents house, furnishing and designing your first apartment can be stressful and overwhelming. However, there… Read more

Advice for New Homeowners

Posted on advice for first time homeowners. So, many tips from genpink!

We have officially been home owners for six months! When we started the house buying process I thought I’d document the before, during and after aspects of house shopping, narrowing down our options and then deciding on the “right one”. Turns out the whole adventure was too stressful to even think about anything else! We ended up with a bit of a fixer-upper so we also started remodeling THE SAME… Read more

DIY Can Be Beautiful: Charming Custom Fabric Ideas!

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Nothing is worse than having a vision for a new piece of clothing or throw pillow and not being able to find the right textile to replicate it. Did you know that it’s possible to make your own textile design from scratch? Technology has made it simple and possible to make even your most creative textile designs a reality with a simple click.  When the process of following our artistic… Read more

Creating the Perfect Home Work Station A la Pinterest

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How great does it feel to sit down at a brand new desk? New folders, pens, drawers for goodies and a comfy chair. Makes you feel like you could sit for hours and crank out some awesome work- right? The space you work in can have a major impact on your productivity, energy, health and stress levels.  If it’s too small, you’ll feel stifled and if it lacks that personal touch,… Read more

Kitchen Essentials: Outfitting Your First Kitchen

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When moving into your first place, it is important to invest in certain essentials in order to lay a foundation for comfort and quality of life. Outfitting your first kitchen may seem daunting if you’ve never had to do so before. Deciding on what items and appliances get highest priority often comes from experience, along with trial and error. To spare you some of the trouble, we’ve compiled a list… Read more

GenPink Picks: Lullubee’s DIY Halloween Craft Projects

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This Halloween, scare up some fun with DIY Halloween crafts from Lullubee! This new online arts and crafts retailer makes crafting easy for you by delivering ready-t0-make projects to your home. Lullubee designs the project, gathers the materials, shares the crafting techniques in an easy-to-follow video tutorial and leaves you with the fun part: making beautiful, unique handcrafted objects. Craft projects can be chosen by skill levels, from basic to advanced… Read more

Tips for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

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As wine tasting parties grow in popularity, there are several things to keep in mind when planning the ultimate wine soirée.  Hosting a tasting party allows you to get the winery experience without the hassle and intimidation that goes along with trekking to a local vineyard.  David Venable, host of QVC’s popular show In the Kitchen With David, offers tips for planning and executing a wine tasting party that will have… Read more

GenPink Picks: 4th of July Partyin’

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Here are a few appetizing treats and fun decorations to add to your 4th of July festivities this week! Colman’s Mustard Colman’s of Norwich offers a different type of condiment than you would normally find at a grocery store. This mustard hails from the UK and is sold in unconventional packages (one is a tea bag box!). What also makes this mustard different is that you get to prepare it yourself. The… Read more

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