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Small Style: Living the Apartment Life

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Whether it’s your first apartment ever or the home you grew up in, it’s always good to know tips and tricks for living the apartment lifestyle. This usually includes how to store everything in smaller spaces, but we also want you live your style too! Here are some ideas for doing both.   Stylish Removable Wallpaper If you live in an apartment, you’re most likely renting, so this removable wallpaper… Read more

FREE Print Your Way to Organization

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It’s time to get some stuff done, but it sure is hard to get started. This list is here to help you get on the right track when you’re ready to get organized, with FREE printable organizational lists!   Weekly To-Do List Start your week off right with an organized list of your daily to-do’s. Keep all your tasks in order on this one page. Find the printable list here.… Read more

Walls of Interest – DIY Upcycled Wall Art

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Raise your hand if you love to repurpose. Keep them up if your walls are bare or need some creativity thrown up onto them. This one’s for all of YOU! (FYI: Both of my hands are in the air!) Let’s get those piles of leftover stuff out of your craft closet and onto your walls with some DIY MAGIC!   Shower Curtain Wall Art So you’ve got an old shower… Read more

Spice Up Your Home All On Your Own

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Here are some great DIY projects to make use of some old items in your house and cheaply spice up your home decor! These projects can add splashes of color, pleasant aromas, and creative organization to your home. Check them out!   Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice! Smell is key in setting the tone of your home. If you don’t like artificial smells or simply want to play with an… Read more

Upcycle – Your New Stuff With an Old Twist

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Upcycling – the new remodeling with an old twist! How often do you see a piece of furniture on the side of the road or at a garage sale and think, “With some sandpaper and new paint, that would look great in my living room!” Me too! But upcycling doesn’t just stop at furniture. Here are some great ideas to upcycle a lot of your old items.   1. Old… Read more

DIY: House Projects

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With a little bit of time and determination, you can make huge transformations to your home, without spending a fortune. Some of those dreaded projects that seem impossible can be made easy with these great DIY tips and ideas.   Keep a Rolling Grocery or To-Do List on a Butcher Paper Roll Hang a roll of butcher paper on a rod in your kitchen for a convenient grocery list that… Read more

Space Makeovers – Making It Home

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In the craze of life, we sometimes don’t get the time to make our houses into homes. But creating a comfortable home doesn’t necessarily mean a huge make-over project—even the smallest change can make the biggest difference. Here are some useful and fun ideas to help make your home classier and cozier.   1. Craft Room A craft room isn’t just a place to store all your materials and tools,… Read more

Less Clutter, More Cute – Let’s Get Organized!

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Living and working in cluttered spaces is extremely uncomfortable, but somehow it’s so difficult to avoid. Planning, cleaning, and organizing can save immense amounts of time and stress. Here are some great tips and ideas that will help you de-clutter and start the new year right.   1. Hoopla These adorable cloth bags are easy to make, and they serve such a wide variety of purposes. Because they are easy… Read more

Gift Guide: Newborn Baby Adoption

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. According to the Love Languages book, gift-giving is one of the ways I show love. Combine that with the fact that me buying anything for babies pretty much results in a “but looooook how cute this is?!” and you… Read more

7 moving tips for a cross-country move: 1+ months out

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 This post was created in partnership with Hire-A-Helper. All thoughts and opinions belong to GenPink contributor, Hannah, who is planning a Texas to Florida move VERY soon.  In a few months I am going to move to Florida, about 1,000 miles from my current home in Texas. I have been trying to figure out what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Here is a list of… Read more

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