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Make your goals and dreams a reality at The Ultimate Vision Board Workshop (Feb. 24)

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The Ultimate Vision Board Workshop coming up in February is an empowering, inspiring and actionable hands-on full day workshop experience that equips you to take your ideas and goals for 2018 into intentional actions to make your goals a reality. This unique full day workshop experience includes a powerful keynote speaker kick-off and then each boss woman will break-off in specific sessions based off their goals. Speakers for this year’s workshop include: Rachel… Read more

10 lifestyle and career tips for 2016

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The following is a guest post by Kristin Kaufman, the Dallas-based Alignment, Inc. focuses on executive coaching and consulting. I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin a few years ago when I began my entrepreneurial career, experienced the launch of her first book and learned memorable tips that helped kick off my post-grad career in public relations and marketing. Kaufman encourages business pros of all ages to discover or rediscover their core strength, revisit values and… Read more

Celebrating What Is | Bragging Rights

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I’ve been selected as one of Lean Cuisine’s Phenomenal Ambassadors! I will be working with their team, and several other bloggers, all summer.If you run a 10K, does it discount the number of 5Ks you’ve completed in the time leading up to that new milestone? If you get a promotion, are you still proud of the work you accomplished in the previous roles? I find that with each rung of… Read more

Blogger business tips: 5 reasons to use Freshbooks

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For years, I’ve been using FreshBooks (my personal referral link) to manage accounting documents projects for my blog business, and I absolutely love it. FreshBooks is a cloud accounting website where customers can sign up for free to use its online invoice service. If you manage a blog or another business where you’re paying someone, consider using Freshbooks for your accounting work if you aren’t already. More than 5 million people… Read more

5 Things You Should Look for in a Job (Other Than Salary)

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This guest post is part of our “5 Things” series, it was written by Michelle Rebecca. When starting a job search there are certain things you should focus on. Money is a given, but to ensure that you find something enjoyable, try looking in these five categories and find a job that is right for you. {photo source: EladeManu flickr} 1. Something That Interests You Finding a job that means… Read more

Dress for Success Style Session Coming Up at Kendra Scott Plano

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Levo League of Dallas is partnering up with Kendra Scott Plano and Julep Boutique for an evening of shopping and networking with career-minded individuals in the community. On March 13, enjoy complimentary cupcakes, sips and receive 15 percent off your purchase that night at Kendra Scott Plano. Whether you’re a new grad or young professional, there will be valuable takeaway tips for everyone. Here’s what you’ll learn at the event:… Read more

Everyone’s too busy doing stuff

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It’s not often, if ever, that you’ll catch me talking about anything sports related. But, this particular concept, thought, quote got to me so much that I needed to stop and share it. “Everyone’s too busy doing stuff to take a pause and make some changes to how they do stuff. I’ve never seen a team sport without a huddle, yet we’ll continue working for months – if not years… Read more

What to Consider Before Switching Careers

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This guest post was written by Alicia Lawrence, a Harrisburg-based writer and entrepreneur specializing in communication and health. See her full bio and other posts here. Decades ago, a career was something that an individual could expect to be singular. A person went to college to pursue a career path or had on-the-job training directly out of high school. However someone came by his or her chosen manner of work, there… Read more

How To Impress Your Interviewers On Your First Job Interview

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As we find ourselves in a time of economic hardship, interviews mean more now than ever. You are competing against a higher number of people who also are likely to have a higher level of qualification than normal, because of the high unemployment rates. This means that you need to impress your interviewer in a unique and powerful way in order to set yourself apart from the rest. In order… Read more

7 Ways to Snag Your First Job in Today’s Economy

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Everyone’s well meaning. And everyone has tons of advice! But as a new grad, it can be tough to sort through all of the wisdom from parents, friends, career counselors, and advisers. Especially as the months roll by–without a firm offer. How do things work now? What’s your savviest job-seeking strategy today? How do you make the case that you have work experience without any hard and fast work experience? And… Read more

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