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3 Reasons We’ll Miss Dexter & DVD Release

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Who knew that a show following the life of a serial killer would brighten up my Sunday nights? Showtime’s Dexter recently concluded after eight seasons. Many viewers can agree with me to say the series finale was rather flat, but we’ll miss the show nonetheless. On November 12, fans can pick up the following discs on Blu-Ray and DVD: Dexter: The Complete Final Season (the chilling final season!) Dexter: The… Read more

Boxed DVD Sets Not to Miss this Fall

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We’re thrilled to see some of our favorite shows on DVD! Check out what’s new in stores this month. The Office Season 9 (The Farewell Season) I’ve been a huge fan of this series since Day 1. Jim and Pam…Angela and her cats…and of course, Dwight (enough said). I just absolutely enjoyed the entire cast during the past nine years. The Farewell Season arrived to Blu-ray & DVD today and… Read more

GenPink Picks: Graduation Gifts

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Graduating from college is a huge milestone for students. Their hard work and persistence has now landed them a degree, and they’re off to explore new endeavors. Reward the graduates in your life with the useful and exciting products we’ve rounded up! Fashion Forward The Lunaling capris are a great gift idea for the girl who loves to hit the gym. The capris are made to help lose weight, increase… Read more

GenPink Picks: Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother’s Day is coming up this month, so we’ve rounded up a great list of gift ideas to help you spoil Mom this year. Elegant Calendar Jewelry The Special Day Calendar Key ($65) is a unique gift to present to Mom this year. This elegant accessory incorporates a signature calendar “Datesake™” charm with a Swarovski crystal, which makes the item even more stunning. Pick your mom’s birthday or anniversary date,… Read more

GenPink Picks: Spring Beauty Products

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We’ve rounded up a collection of beauty and hair products for ladies to try out this season. Take a look! Energetic Headbands and Hair Ties Headbands and hair ties are some of my favorite accessories to have around, no matter how dressed up or down I may be on an occasion. I came across the stylish Twistband products and really enjoyed what I saw. There are so many types of… Read more

Valentine’s Day Product Round-Up & Book Giveaway

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(This giveaway has closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! Our winner is Sherri L.) This Valentine’s Day, forget about the overpriced generic cards and fancy flowers. We’ve picked some awesome products that are budget friendly and memorable! Isabella’s Cookie Company Grab a full cup of (skim) milk before biting into these cookies! Isabella’s Cookie Company is a delectable dessert perfect for Valentine’s Day. Made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, these… Read more

GenPink Picks: 3 Perfumes to Check Out This Season

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Fall is in full swing, so check out our top perfume choices to add to your collection this season. Whether you’re in the mood to be flirty, sophisticated or daring, there’s a fragrance to match your attitude!   Miss Anastasia Perfume A new delicious perfume worth checking out is Miss Anastasia. On its website you’ll see this brand described as “an intoxicating blend of deep innocence and complex desire.” And… Read more

GenPink Picks: Fun bachelorette gifts + giveaway!

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(This giveaway has closed.) Our recent blog post featured bachelorette party ideas for the bride-to-be. This round, we’ve picked three memorable and amusing gifts to share with your friend who is getting married. These presents will surely make a lasting impression on the bride! KnickerNotes Share some hilarity with the bride with KnickerNotes. This item is a series of six “one-liner” pre-printed tags that can be pinned to your clothes…rather, undergarments. The… Read more

GenPink Picks: Novo Atomizer Facial Mist Spray

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The Novo Atomizer Facial Mist Spray, by Cenoire, helps you feel fresh while on the go. It’s a great item for busy college students and young pros. The spray is a nice refresher (especially if you’re out in the sun), and it won’t ruin your makeup! I enjoyed testing this product because my skin will felt moisturized in so little time. Just fill up the spray with water, plug in… Read more

GenPink Picks: BELLA Dots

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Add a pop of color to your kitchen this fall with new appliances from BELLA Dots. This contemporary collection features coffee makers, slow cookers and toasters. The items come in eight different vibrant colors that will add some fashion to your kitchen! These colorful kitchen items make great gifts for college students and young professionals. BELLA Dots products will be sold exclusively at Target beginning Sept. 9, 2912. BELLA Dots Slow Cooker BELLA Dots… Read more

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