Celebrate 30(!!!) with these Creative Milestone Party Ideas

The 30-year mark is a milestone worth recognizing and definitely worth celebrating. Several of my girlfriends and I will be turning thirty soon. We’re reaching our golden days, and I plan to celebrate big. I hope you will do the same. Here are some fun ideas to help you get the party started.


1. Classic Chocolate Fondue

What’s a thirtieth birthday party without a little chocolate, and what better way to consume chocolate than in hot liquid form? Whether a classy dinner party or a casual game night, this fun and easy fondue dessert idea will surely improve the party. Get the recipe here!


2. Leaving his Roaring Twenties Behind and Rolling into his Thirties

This roaring twenties themed birthday party is such a fun way to say goodbye to the lively stage of life preceding thirty. Go all out with décor, costumes, cigars, and champagne, and welcome the new age of the thirties. Learn more here!


3. Photo Booth or Polaroid Camera and Guest Book

Photo Booth
Pictures are such a great way to capture and remember great memories with friends and family. This Polaroid guest book station is such a cute and clever idea for doing so, and guests will have so much fun contributing. Learn more here!


4. S’mores Bar

Bring the party inside, and celebrate a fun and relaxed thirtieth birthday party at home. Lay out some graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and a few candles for a s’mores bar, and what more do you need? Learn more here!


5. Sex and the City

Sex and the City is the perfect theme for a thirtieth birthday party. Make your own Sex and the City cake and spend the evening with your girlfriends, indulging yourselves in cake and living like divas. Take a closer look at the cake here!


6. Birthday Crown

You’re never too old to wear a tiara on your birthday. This bedazzled crown is the perfect way to embarrass your friend and start the night of their thirtieth party out right. Get directions here!


7. Film Festival Birthday Party

Rent out a movie theater and host a film festival that is a compilation of pre-thirty videos and pictures. Such a great way to look back and celebrate good memories! Learn more about this and more thirtieth birthday party ideas here!


8. Cupcakes and Cocktails Party Invitation

Cupcakes and cocktails—a perfect way to celebrate the big 30 with a friend. Make fancy invitations like these and invite all your girlfriends for a fun and relaxed evening. Get a closer look at the invitation here!


I hope you found some ideas for your next big 30 years celebration– and to find more ideas, visit my 30th Birthday Pinterest board here! Happy celebrating!

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