Can you guess these celebs’ superstitions?

Ever wondered about your favorite celebrity’s superstitions? Can you take a wild guess at which celebs have some of the weirdest traditions and charms? A new graphic from Roulette Online finds the celebrities who win the most awards and looks at their lucky habits.

Some of the popular examples include:

  • Ariana’s Doughnuts – when Ariana Grande was younger, she apparently used to eat doughnuts for good luck before auditions.
  • Spit or Salute – Sir Paul McCartney follows the English tradition of saluting magpies; it’s also an option to spit at them, but he prefers the less messy way.
  • 13 Reasons Why Taylor keeps winning – Taylor Swift says that the number “13” is important in her life, as every time she wins an award, she’s sitting in seat number 13, or on row M (the 13th letter), while her first album went gold in 13 weeks.



Click here to see the infographic or just scroll below!

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