Closing that resume gap

If you are unemployed and actively looking for a new job, it may feel frustrating. However, there are some activities you can engage in while not carrying on a full-time job. The two ideas below are great additions to add to your resume and can help close that gap if you’ve been unemployed for a couple of months.


Find volunteer opportunities within your industry. A great place to start is at a non-profit organization. Many non-profits would love the additional help, and many times you can set your own schedule. Find an organization that you are passionate about. Some industries to check out are humanitarian efforts, health services, education, sports, arts and social services. Working in any of these sectors will allow you to work on a variety of projects- all that you can list on your resume. Don’t hesitate to try new things to see what activities you may like to learn more about.


Pick up a side project to keep your creative juices flowing. Whether it’s helping out a local business with its social media or asking a friend to lend a hand with his or her project, opportunities are everywhere. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Many people would love to have the extra help, especially “mom and pop shops”. If the boss doesn’t have the budget to pay you, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for some gas money. But do understand that the budget for small businesses can be very tight. If you aren’t compensated in any way, offer to work from home. Make sure to have a polished plan ready to present to the company, and be enthusiastic!

At the end of the day it’s all about what you learn. Take into consideration the different material you’ve learned and package your best work into your portfolio and resume.