Color Books for Toddlers Roundup

Learning colors is an important part of toddler development, and can help prepare them for preschool – but memorizing the names associated with each color can be difficult when you’re first learning them! We’ve rounded up six of our favorite books that teach colors to little ones – they’re a mix of purely educational and fun, but each of them will help your toddler to identify, name, and remember their basic colors.

Do you have any books or activities that you’ve used to help your child learn colors? Let us know in the comments!

1. Mighty Colors 

This book is perfect if your toddler is obsessed with Marvel superheroes. It introduces 10 colors in reference to hero outfits, and includes heroes like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. And because it’s a board book, it can withstand the regular wear and tear of little hands.


2. Dumbo’s Book of Colors

This edition of Dumbo’s Book of Colors is from 1988, which can bring back a major nostalgia factor for parents who read the book themselves when they were little. The story is heartwarming, and while there’s a definite plot line and characters, the book does a great job of introducing colors and making them easy to remember!


3. Alphaprints: Colors

This book is great for little ones: the graduated pages are easy to grasp, the fingerprints are raised and embossed which makes them fun to feel, and each animal is created by adding photographs of everyday items that your toddler can spot. The pages also introduce color in several ways instead of just being a flat color.


4. Paddington’s Colors

This is a cute story that follows Paddington around as he arranges purple curtains, spills yellow paint, and more. At the end of the book, there’s a recap of all of the colors that Paddington explored, as well as a guide that shows how to create colors (like mixing blue and yellow to create green).


5. Little Owl’s Colors 

All of Little Owl’s books use a singsong style of writing that makes them great books for naptime or bedtime, and Little Owl’s Colors is no different – during the day, Little Owl explores all of the bright colors that his forest has. It’s a great way to teach toddlers that colors come in multiple shades, as not all of the greens or blues are the exact same color.


6. My Very First Book of Colors 

All of Eric Carle’s books are beautiful and educational, and this one is a great way to have your child practice matching colors. The book pages are split in half so that your toddler can match the color to the picture they’re seeing on the other half of the page. This book is perfect if your child is already familiar with colors, and you feel that the challenge is something they’re up for!


Do you have a go-to color book? Have you read any of the books we listed? Let us know in the comments!