Dads are funny

Maybe not all dads are funny but mine is. Exhibit A – a screenshot of our instant messenger conversation this morning.
dad instant messanger

8 thoughts on “Dads are funny

  1. awww and my daddy always says cheesy things in emails like Happy Monday! Mondays are never happy, :oP but dads are cute!:o)

  2. hahah the things you can do with a keyboard!!!!

    i remember reading this one and thinking it was totally awesome. i had no idea when i posted mine if you non-aussies would get the galah reference (it’s used like an actual word here sometimes, kinda like ‘flaming mongrel’ though that’s usually alf from home and away… another story!… galah is more amicable!)… i might post an explanation on blog sometime!

    i love your current layout too- do you code it yourself or is there some magic trick the rest of us can use? :)

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