it’s a new day: do you know where your daily deals are?

Apps to keep on your iPhone to track daily deals | Genpink
Apps to keep on your iPhone to track daily deals | Genpink

I have a nightly habit of checking various Daily Deal sites. I don’t usually end up buying any of the items but I think it’s one part curiosity and one part fear of being left out. I mean YOU never know! Rather than getting daily emails I keep these apps in their own folder so I can check them every day.

Apps I use to Track Daily Deals

  • Woot: is one of my favs because they have so many geek girl worthy deals. The app makes it easy to check all the categories: Tech, Home, Tools, Shirts, etc.
  • Groupon: I keep this app on my phone but I have Push notifications turned off. I mostly use Groupon for restaurants, but I’ve had friends end up with great deals on nail and hair salons.
  • LivingSocial: I find that LivingSocial often has better local deals than some of the others. There are so many categories that you certainly need to stick with the rule of only buying deals that you would use even if they were full priced.
  • Amazon Deals: I buy most of of my household products and gifts via Amazon so the deal app is good to watch. Update: Amazon App now incorporates their Gold Box Deals into their regular iPhone app so there’s no more Amazon Deals dedicated app.
  • PriceGrabber: This app is GREAT for shopping online and in store. When you are shopping in *any* store, use the barcode scanner in Price Grabber to comparison shop to make sure you are getting a good deal. Also, if you are on the hunt for something specific you can run a search in the app to see who has the best deal.
  • Deals: no longer available
  • Slickdeals: The Slick Deals app is similar to Price Grabber in that is has comparison option. But Slick Deals is the largest community-driven deal sharing site so there’s all sorts of coupons, promo codes and expiring deal options. I like the “Remind Me Later” feature.

How are you about discount sites and daily deal apps? Do you have websites you check randomly, are you an email subscriber so you don’t miss any of them, a deal app user, or perhaps a hybrid like me?

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