Delicious and Easy Eatables!

It’s so easy to fall into a rut of making the same meals over and over. I know I’m always on the lookout for new recipes, but I want them to be easy on my time and my wallet. Here’s a list of some great recipe finds for all skill levels, budgets, and tastes!


1. Family Meals on a Budget

Lemon grilled chicken, black bean quesadillas, and even ratatouille – this list has budget friendly family meals for all tastes. And each recipe is filled with healthy ingredients, making them even more delicious. Find the list here!


2. Recipes of the Year

Apparently, 2015 had some delicious food going on, and someone was nice enough to put them all together for us to make and enjoy too. All of these recipes can be done on a budget too! Find the 20 top recipes of 2015 here!


3. A Technical Approach

Sometimes recipes don’t turn out the way we hope because there are so many technical terms we have to know when making them. Here’s a list of cooking techniques to master, to help you win the dish every time! Read all about it here!


4. Fancy Mac N Cheese

Mac n Cheese
Mac n cheese – also known as the “Old Faithful” of family meals. Kids love it and parents love to make it because it’s so simple. Now you can jazz it up with a few extra ingredients, giving an old faithful recipe a delicious twist! Get the ideas here!


5. Spice Things Up – Literally

Spices can be intimidating – too little and you can’t even taste it, too much and the dish is ruined. But learning how to use them just right can elevate your dinner game to a whole new level. Get all your spice tips and tricks here!


6. A Whole Breakfast in One Dish

Casseroles are wonderful, and breakfast casseroles can be your best friend when you’re hosting family for the holidays. Throw it together the night before, pop it in the oven in the morning, and everyone wakes up to a delicious breakfast! Find a list of breakfast casserole recipes here!


7. Party Pleasing Starters

Appetizers are one of the first things guests experience when you’re throwing a party. So having creative appetizer recipes is a valuable hosting tool. Get all set to wow your dinner party guests with appetizer recipes here!


8. Don’t Forget Dessert

A good meal is complete with some sweet at the end, and what better way to end a meal than cupcakes! Fun and creative cupcakes are even more fun because you can enjoy them with your eyes and your tastebuds. Find easy ways to dress up cupcakes here!


I hope this has made you ready to get cooking and set you with enough recipes and cooking tips for many meals to come. Want even more easy and eatable recipes? Check out my Eatable Pinterest board here!

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