GenPink Picks: Design with Benefits

Have you bought a product because you liked the charitable story behind it? This trend has been popular among shoppers for years, and this shopping style isn’t going away soon. Design with Benefits, founded by Tania Garbe, is an online destination that makes stories the focus of their online customer’s design purchases. This company is part of this very special batch of e-commerce websites, companies and start-ups by women that are offering women a new way to look at design products.

There are various items for sale in categories such as jewelry, books, gadgets, toys, apparel and pets. Or, you can shop by benefit: environment, recycled, poverty, education, equity, animals and health.

Did anything catch your eye yet? The website offers customers 10% off when they sign up for the Design with Benefits newsletter.

Each month, shoppers can vote for one of the three featured charities, and the winning charity receives a portion of the next month’s net proceeds. And, you don’t have to make a purchase to vote!

Here are some creative items I found on the website:


Paintings created by Jojo, Jenny and Aleena, Asian elephants at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Art proceeds go back to supporting the sanctuary and to raise awareness and funds for the preservation of this endangered species

Handmade jewelry from the salvaged copper roof of a historic Frank Lloyd Wright building, whose sales benefit the homeless

Purses and wallets made from recycled industrial wool felt, and that are designed for ef?cient manufacturing, achieving the highest yield from standard units of raw material and reducing energy-consuming machine time.

Teach Twice: Children’s books featuring stories from around the world that raise funds to support educational initiatives in the country from which the story came.

Check out more stories and products from all over the world on the website. The strategy is inspiring and clever!




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