DIY: House Projects

With a little bit of time and determination, you can make huge transformations to your home, without spending a fortune. Some of those dreaded projects that seem impossible can be made easy with these great DIY tips and ideas.


Keep a Rolling Grocery or To-Do List on a Butcher Paper Roll


Hang a roll of butcher paper on a rod in your kitchen for a convenient grocery list that takes up no extra counter space. It looks cute and with those long lasting rolls, you’ll save money on paper and sticky notes, as well as spare yourself the clutter of loose papers floating around. Learn more here!


How to Stain a Concrete Floor 


You might not think of a task like refinishing your floor as a project you could do yourself, but with these great instructions, it’s an amazingly easy and simple process. Such a great way to enhance a garage space or porch! Get instructions here!


Make Your Own Portable Tool Storage/Organization Caddy


This clever peg board tool carrier is such a great way to keep all of your tools handy and organized. With just a few supplies you can construct this tool caddy in no time, and it will spare you from the horror of digging through an overflowing tool drawer or hauling around a heavy tool box. Get instructions here!


DIY Corner Bookshelf


You can never have took many books, but you can have too little space. These DIY corner book shelves are such a fun and simple way to store your extra books, while also dressing up that ugly empty corner. Find instructions here!


Privacy Window Using Contact Paper


By simply cutting a design from contact paper and attaching it to a window, you can build privacy and add some extravagance to your home décor. This is a very simple and cheap project, but it looks great! Get instruction here!


Paper Bag Floors—A Tutorial

paper bag

What a great way to recycle paper bags! This project is a bit more of a commitment, but it’s worth it. It’s cheaper than most other methods, and it looks amazing. Not to mention, you can say that you made your floor out of paper bags! Learn how here!


How to Replace Sliding Closet Doors with Standard Doors 


Many beautiful homes contain ugly or inconvenient elements that just never made it into the remodel. Sliding doors are one of those things. Fortunately, this one isn’t too difficult to fix. With a few power tools this project is quite doable, and it could make all the difference in helping you keep your closet clean and organized. Get instructions here!


Mismatched Furniture and Colorful Highlights


Rather than buying a brand new table set, take on this fun DIY project. Collect whatever old mismatched chairs you can find in your garage or thrift store, and paint them one color to create a fun and original set for a quirky modern look. Learn more here!


I hope you found some fun projects that will help you organize and enhance your home! To find even more great ideas, visit my DIY: House Projects Pinterest board here! Happy makeovers!