Doctor Strange – the unlikely superhero (a Marvel review)



Doctor Strange, by Marvel Comics, stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, an egotistical, wealthy neurosurgeon who faces a traumatic accident early on in the movie. Experiencing terrible nerve damage, Strange can no longer use his hands for his job as a brain surgeon. He desperately seeks help, as he feels completely useless in his life, but has no luck after visiting some of the top doctors around. A source shares advice of visiting Kathmandu, Nepal to seek healing from a powerful woman.

The plot follows Strange’s adventure as he travels to Nepal and meets The Ancient One and her followers (who remind me of Jedis) for a strange experience he did not ever expect. Strange discovers this group of magical people are actually sorcerers who defend planet Earth from mystical threats. The mind-bending twists and turns start here as Strange gains strength back in his hands during training and therapy; he soon gets thrown into battles with evil sorcerers. His strength comes with mystical powers to fight the bad guys in order to survive (and to think, all he wanted was his normal life back!). Get ready for a lot of (clean) action, trippy multiverse scenes, and humorous one-liners from the cast. (And if you’re watching this in IMAX, you may get a bit dizzy!)

Strange overcomes obstacles both personal and magical to save the planet and rekindles his friendship with the people who matter to him the most, including his ER nurse Christine Palmer (played by the lovely Rachel McAdams). Strange inevitably transforms into an unlikely hero with weird powers and a new outlook on life.

And, it’s no secret to stick around for the credits after a Marvel movie. Once Doctor Strange concludes, you’re in for a fun surprise featuring a heroic character many of us love!

The flick delivers big screen entertainment that Marvel and comic book fans are sure to enjoy. Doctor Strange opens Friday, Nov. 4 in theaters and is rated PG-13.

Run time: 1 hour 55 minutes

(Disclaimer: I was provided with a media pass to view the movie, and all opinions are my own.)

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