Fall Fashion Favs to Keep You in Style

Fall is here and it has become my favorite time of year for fashion and accessories! Scarves and boots, flannel and leather jackets…the possibilities are truly endless. Today, I’m going to share with you five of my favorite trends for those perfect autumn-weather days.


1. Flannel and stripes…together!
Flannel and Stripes | Fall Fashion Favs to Keep You in Style

I know sometimes our minds tell us to stay far away from the temptation of combining different patterns of fabric with each other – but this is one combination that I absolutely adore! Dressed down or dressed up, flannel is the staple of comfort and coziness when it comes to those brisk afternoons!


2. Booties with a denim shirtdress.
Booties and Denim Slip Dress | Fall Fashion Favs to Keep You in Style

Booties…now really, need I say more? They come in all different shapes and sizes and take your outfit to a whole new level. This photo showcases my favorite combination – denim dress, perfect pair of buckled booties, scarf and hat. Comfort and class all in one!


3. The perfect clutch.
The Perfect Clutches | Fall Fashion Favs to Keep You in Style

While not a trend strictly tied to fall, it is, nonetheless, a trend that I adore! Which of these beauties calls to you? I know that you can picture your favorite as the perfect finishing touch to an already-fashionable outfit!


4. The ever-classy midi-skirt!
Midi Skirt | Fall Fashion Favs to Keep You in Style

Every girl wants to feel like a princess, and if you’ve ever found the perfect midi-skirt, you have had that privilege. How cute is this outfit? Flattering for any body type, a great midi-skirt is every girl’s best friend!


5. The grand finale – the perfect pair of skinny jeans!
Distressed Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion Favs to Keep You in Style

The season of fall brings a whole new power to the perfect pair of distressed skinny jeans. Throw in some nude heels, one of those adorable clutches, and a perfectly layered tunic and sweater…and you have a masterpiece. Heels, booties, tall boots or flats – these beauties are the cherry on top of your perfect outfit!

What are YOUR favorite fall trends? Do you, too, get excited when it’s time to open that box of scarfs and cozy leg warmers? For more of my favorite trends and classy looks for fall, visit my Pinterest board here! Happy layering!