Five Fab Gen-Y Female Bloggers You Must Know

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When I started blogging 4 years ago, if someone had told me that some of my greatest friends would be people from the internet. I would have laughed at them. YOU MEAN STRANGERS? NO really. In addition to being a blogger, I am an avid blog reader. Almost daily I check in on the lives, thoughts, ideas and inspiration provided by my interconnected blogger pool. The number of bloggers that I admire could keep us here all day, but TODAY I’ve been challenged to share 5 fabulous bloggers. So my disclaimer: if you are not on this list, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be on the list of 7 or 10 bloggers but I’m sticking to my limit today. I hope that you, dear readers, discover at least one new blogger in this round-up. In alphabetical order:

Jenny Blake

Oh man, where to start… how about this at the ripe young mid-twenty age Jenny published her first book. Yes the paper kind! It’s beautiful, and thought provoking. And every time I see it on my desk I am a) one inch closer to sitting my butt down to write the book in my brain and b) so freakin’ excited that she had the balls and motivation to put her blood, sweat, and tears out for the world to see. Also, did I mention Jenny works at Google. Maybe you’ve heard of it. In addition to Jenny being a rockstar author she is also warm and sparkly.  If you’ve met her, this statement makes sense. If you haven’t… remedy this.

Jenny’s Blog: Life After College

Grace Boyle

Grace is one of 2 people on this list that I have not met IRL *yet*. But seriously it doesn’t feel like it. Grace wins my imaginary award for most responsive human ever. If I send her an email chances are she will respond in 0.7 seconds. Doesn’t matter if the email is work related (I use her company’s search service on my blog!) or off the wall silly (hello horse/yoga retreat) or something that requires some serious thought (like advice on a job). Grace is a foodie and her writing is very thought provoking. She has a way of asking questions that make me ponder for days. I can tell she’s a visual person in her writing, I never feel like I’ve missed any detail of an experience that she shares, whether it be about food, love, work or just a random Saturday.

Grace’s Blog: Small Hands, Big Ideas

Elisa Doucette

This has been a bad-ass year for Elisa (not to be confused with Elysa – glad we got that over with) as far as blogger achievements go. She is now officially a blogger for Forbes Women. Yes. THE FORBES. When I heard the news I was not one bit surprised. I have also not met Elisa. Elisa’s writing is usually well researched, kind of in-you-face, and always requires time to digest. I feel smarter for “knowing” her. I’m impressed with the frequency of her writing and how diverse her topics are. Sometimes controversial and sometimes she’s just stating the obvious that people have been avoiding.

Elisa’s Blog: Ophelia’s Webb

Sydney Owen

I have the reverse scenario with Sydney as the other bloggers. I did not start reading her blog until I met her. We met in March 2009. After spending 5 days with her at SXSW, I told her she needed to get business cards printed that said “Sydney Makes Sh*t Happen”. A little over 2 years later Sydney is beyond proving me right. She jumps out of airplanes both as a hobby and a profession. Try that one on for size, ehh! Her writing is heartfelt, intense, and kind of inspirational in a non-cheerleader way. Sydney is the kind of person that if she’s excited about something, she’ll have you excited about it too. Sydney is an entrepreneur, a firecracker and also FULL of heart. She’s a go-to-the-edge-of-the-earth for someone kind of friend.

Sydney’s Blog: Sydney Unfiltered

Doniree Walker

And last but not least Ms Doniree Walker, also known as Doni. Doniree has a sweet soul that shows in everything she touches. Her writing is diverse, some days pensive, others joyful, but always filled with so much of her. Doni seems to always be questioning, what can be learned from something, what’s next, and what is… in this moment. I’m honored to know her and always inspired by her writing. Ever heard the saying about something being all “sunshines and roses” I’m pretty sure this girl is. She’s a smiley kinda girl, in a content, happy to be alive kinda way.

Doniree’s Blog: Living With Intention

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8 thoughts on “Five Fab Gen-Y Female Bloggers You Must Know

  1.  Elysa. THANK YOU! That’s got to be some of the nicest things I’ve ever read – thank you so, so much! I am constantly inspired by YOU. 

  2. That is an interesting article about women who decide(d) not to have children. I was one of those, and I made that choice very early on in life as I wanted a career and to travel. 

    I did not experience the prejudice that you speak of as most of the other women I met working overseas were also non married and childless, thus allowing them the flexibility to work wherever and wherever. Whether or not this was a conscious decision on their part is another question.

    But, what I found is I tended to hang around single people, and working overseas there were a lot, we tend to be unique individuals!  Now that I am back in the States, i am at an age where I now hang around adults that have children – but the children are all older so there is not the feeling of being left out during mommy /children outings!

    I always wonder if I stayed here what my choices would have been!

  3.  Dude. Thank you so much! Totally flattered to be on this list and so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished so far. It’s been a wild ride! 

  4.  Elysa – Wow, thank you so much! I’m in a kind of state of WOW. This is an amazing group of women that I am HONORED to be included with. Wow. Again.  :)

  5. Elysa, thank you so much!! This post was so sweet – you have such a way with words, and with really seeing the best in people. I’m honored and deeply touched to be included among such other fabulous women :)

  6. This is awesome and truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing your picks :) I hope I can grow just as much as these ladies have from their blogging. I write about my teens going through an autoimmune disease, but also a hopeful look on how it is to be a 20-something female today. I love how you all talk about feeling good and going after your dreams. Truly encouraging :) I would love for any feedback on my blog too if you could :)

    My favorite posts:

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