GenPink Picks: Fun bachelorette gifts + giveaway!

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Our recent blog post featured bachelorette party ideas for the bride-to-be. This round, we’ve picked three memorable and amusing gifts to share with your friend who is getting married. These presents will surely make a lasting impression on the bride!


Share some hilarity with the bride with KnickerNotes. This item is a series of six “one-liner” pre-printed tags that can be pinned to your clothes…rather, undergarments. The cards are great to use when you don’t know the right words to say in an awkward moment with your partner. Find the KnickerNotes on Etsy for $8.99 per package.

Mischievous Buttons

When going out with the bachelorette and bridesmaids, add a stylish button to your outfits. Let the crowds know what you’re celebrating! sells silly buttons for this special occasion for just a few bucks each.



Before he puts a ring on it…

Get a whole new perspective on what love means to the modern women in Notes to my Future Husband: A Bitch’s Guide to Our Happily Ever After. This raunchy and hilarious book keeps it real for all ladies by offering tips about family, appearance, friends, adulthood and dating. Please note this book is for mature audiences. We pulled a few of the best quotes from the book:

“I will be the decorative one. Your jewelry collection should be 95 percent smaller than mine.” (page 131).

“Vegas- You’d better be able to keep up.” (page 175)

“Relocating- I don’t care how much money they’re offering you, we’re not moving to New Jersey.” (page 70).



We loved reading Notes to my Future Husband: A Bitch’s Guide to Our Happily Ever After, and one lucky GenPink reader will have a chance to win a personal copy. Click on the Rafflecopter link below to get started. You’ll earn points for sharing this contest on Twitter, Facebook and commenting on this blog post. The contest will end Oct. 23, 2012 at noon.

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(Disclaimer- The book mentioned above was sent to us for review. As always, we share our honest opinions when writing reviews. A free copy of the book will be mailed to one GenPink fan once the contest closes on Oct. 23.)

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