Geek girl’s guide to packing for SXSWi (part 1)

This week I will be attending my fourth SXSW interactive conference! For me, since a) I get paid to be a professional geek girl and b) it’s a three hour drive, it’s a no-brainer to join 40 bajillion other people for nerd spring break. Naturally, since I’ve been 3 other times I have this packing thing down. Here is how it goes:

– tweet at least 3 times, over several days that you can’t believe it is time for SXSW already
– (optional) spend many hours washing all the clothes you ever owned the weekend before SXSW
– schedule activities, projects, and a few “urgent matters” for the days leading up
– groan about not wanting to pack to anyone that will listen
– ask other nerds you see in real life if they have packed
– feel better about yourself, clearly planning ahead is overrated
– tweet again, and maybe add to Facebook about dreading packing
– spend hours doing something geeky that probably could wait until you get back in town
– write a blog post
– wait til 5 minutes before you need to leave and throw ALL.THE.THINGS in a bag. As long as you remember gadget chargers you’re golden.

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