GenPink Picks: Earth Day edition

Happy Earth Day! GreenSmart launched a new line of stylish eco-friendly products, such as laptop sleeves, backpacks, and wine/water holders. These products are made from 100% recycled plastic materials and toxin-free Neogreene material.

Greensmart sent over a laptop case for me to check out, and naturally, I chose pink! My rich pink case has a fun design and stands out from other cases. Greensmart offers an array of case colors, so you can choose which one you like best. The case is soft yet durable. A soft padding that feels like fleece lines the inside of the case. The fleece will certainly protect the laptop from scratches.




Many of the Greensmart products are named after endangered animals, which I thought was a creative idea implemented by this company. Greensmart donates 10% of its profits to a variety of non-profit organizations that help us live in a greener world. Finally, if you want to learn about how bottles become bags, read about it here.

With this case, you can protect your laptop and the environment! And that’s a win-win for me.

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