GenPink Picks: Mix ‘n’ Match

We’re mixing food and body care product reviews in this blog post. Tell us which ones you like by posting in our comments section below!


KRAFT came out with a new tasty snack called KRAFT MilkBite Milk & Granola Bar. Each MilkBite supplies 30% of your daily recommended amont of calcium and has five grams of protein. There are five assorted flavors, and the chocolate one was my favorite. Snacks like these are easy to carry around in your purse or backpack, and best of all, it’s a healthy treat! Check out Mel the MilkBite on Facebook.

Not Your Ordinary Ketchup

Ketchup isn’t just all tomatoes anymore. MMGroup of Wisconsin created LeRoy’s Gourmet Flavored Ketchup. Flavors include Beer N Onions, Chili, Smokey Mesquite, Dill Pickle, Celery and Mustard Spice. LeRoy’s just rolled out two new flavors-  Crispy Bacon Flavored Ketchup and Ghost Pepper & Aged Cheddar Flavored Ketchup. There are lots of choices to choose from, so there’s a flavor for everyone! My favorites were Beer N Onions and Mustard Spice, and they go well on meaty dishes and other American foods.

All-Day Makeup

Have you ever worn makeup that just washes off after half a day? It can get annoying to re-apply your makeup multiple times throughout a day. Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray takes TWO seconds to apply, and the company confidently says it will last ALL day. The spray waterproofs any brand of makeup and keeps it from wearing off. And it’s small enough to toss in my purse. I can tell product will be a necessity for me when I head to the beach this summer!

Curly Sue

Girls with curly hair may find their hair hard to tame sometimes. That’s where CURLS comes in! CURLS was created to meet the needs of today’s multi-cultural market. Mahisha Dellinger, the founder of this company, wanted to make a quality product at an inexpensive price for women and kids with natural curly hair. I tried out the shampoo and conditioner, and it left my hair smelling really good and kept it from frizzing up when I went out. Need advice on how to manage your hair? Check out their blog about curly hair tips here.



The products listed above were sent to us for review. We always give our honest opinions and were not compensated for these reviews.
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