Gift Ideas for 2.5 Year Olds

Gift Ideas for 2.5 Year Olds | Genpink

Looking for gift ideas that your 2.5 year old can enjoy now, but still grow into? We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite Christmas wish list items for toddlers; some are educational, some play-oriented, all are fun. Happy shopping!


Product: Seek-a-Boo Game

Why we love it: This game is geared towards helping little ones build their vocabulary, but it won’t feel like school work when they’re playing! The cards can be used as both a memory game and a matching game, and it includes an interactive parent guide.

Price: $29.95

Number of Reviews: 168



Product: Play-Doh Giant Craft Tub

Why we love it: This giant craft tub includes 8 tubs of Play-Doh, over 150 craft pieces, and a craft book with scissors, glue, and stickers. This one tub has literally hours of play inside, and it all fits perfectly in the reusable container!

Price: $19.99

Number of Reviews: 3



Product: Dreambuilder 120 Piece Creative Magnetic Building Blocks Set

Why we love it: This giant building blocks set is safe for preschoolers, but looks like big-kid toys (making it the perfect gift option if you’ve got older siblings in the house!). There are tons of options for building designs with the magnetic pieces, and you’ll have just as much fun playing with them as your toddler does!

Price: $34.99

Number of Reviews: 561


Product: Thomas & Friends TrackMaster, Motorized Victor Engine

Why we love it: Thomas & Friends has a whole collection of motorized engines – use them with the TrackMaster, or buy separately and use as individual toys. They’re brightly colored, and kids will love how they move on their own!

Price: $24.67

Number of Reviews: 70



Product: Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Jungle Gym

Why we love it: This jungle gym is made of heavy duty, rust-resistant powder-coated steel, and will last your toddler for years! Perfect for your backyard or a large playroom, the jungle gym is perfect for solo play or having friends over.

Price: $129.98

Number of Reviews: 1,585


Product: Top Bright Wooden Stacking Games

Why we love it: This pack of stacking games is perfect for large groups of kids, solo play, and motor skill development! The games are great for hand-eye coordination and color recognition, and the blocks are painted with bright, vibrant colors.

Price: $19.99

Number of Reviews: 4



Product: Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

Why we love it: This book is perfect as a Christmas gift, or to read together as a family on Christmas Eve. In the book, the Little Blue Truck spreads cheer by delivering trees to his animal friends. The story includes counting up to five and back down again, and the illustrations are vibrant and adorable!

Price: $11.24

Number of Reviews: 979



Product: Montessori Safari Animal Match

Why we love it: This matching game is perfect for toddlers because animal figurines are included with each matching card, teaching your toddler how to match a physical object with a photo. The cards are handmade, and the quality is great.

Price: $34.99

Number of Reviews: 21


Product: Safari Wild TOOB with 12 Great Jungle Friends

Why we love it: The set of 12 animal figurines fits perfectly in a small TOOB container, which makes them perfect for car rides or trips to see family. Each TOOB also comes with a spinning globe top and educational facts inside, so your kiddo can learn about African animals while playing with them.

Price: $11.99

Number of Reviews: 163



Product: Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Book with Pair of Child-Safe Scissors

Why we love it: This book is full of paper-cutting projects and pre-printed activity pages. The scissors are child-safe, and all of the activity pages can be used for games, learning, and more after they’ve been cut out.

Price: $9.98

Number of Reviews: 803