GenPink Picks: Gigi Hill

If you’re shopping around for a new handbag, check out the trendy and modern collection by Gigi Hill.

These handbags come in a variety of beautiful patterns and are perfect for any occasion- parties, work, school, vacations, etc.

I checked out one of the Audrey bags, and I immediately loved it! I’m a fan of large bags because I have a million things to carry around with me all the time. The bag also has a lot of pockets- another feature I was happy to see. Pockets help my purses and bags stay somewhat organized! My favorite pockets are the transparent ones, so I’ll know exactly where my makeup and phone is without digging around for it. The gorgeous floral pattern makes the bag wearable in any season of the year.  Also, the bag is durable and easy to carry around. I’ve already had so many friends gushing over it!

The Gigi Hill collection also includes sunglasses, flip flops, makeup cases, cute wallets and much more accessories. Take a look at the website, and let us know of your favorite products!

(Disclaimer- This Gigi Hill tote bag was sent to us for review. As always, we provide our honest opinions when writing product reviews.)

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