Girls’ Night Out at Medieval Times

Travel through the mists of time to a forgotten age at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. With the busyness of work, family and extracurricular activities, my gal pals and I love getting together for girls’ night out when we can. This time, we wanted to try out an experience event that we haven’t done in a while, so we choose Medieval Times…a place most of us haven’t been to in years. In fact, the last time I was there for a show was for a high school field trip 10 years ago!

While the center hosts grade school trips and is a great destination for families, the over 21 crowd will have just as much fun!

 The castles are replicas of those from 11th-century in Spain.

Credit: Medieval Times


Take a look below from our girls’ night out visit to Medieval Times.


The Shop

Before you head into the show, guests hang out in the store section of the castle as their seats inside the showroom are ready. Each guests is handed a themed paper crown to wear, and the color matches the knight’s team you’re on.

When you step into the store, you’ll feel as you’ve been transported back into the 11th century. You’ll have a chance to browse through many items like Renaissance costumes and accessories (I love the crowns!!) and gift shop items including toys and souvenirs. The merch is a great keepsake of your magestic Medieval Times visit.



Don’t forget to get your photo taken at the Torture Chamber!


The Bar

Since we were here for a girls’ night out, drinks are definitely on the list of things to experience!

Choose from several different commemorative cups….wine glass, beer pint, and more. Pick your poison! The take-home cups are a few bucks more when purchasing your drink and make a great addition to your bar cabinet at home.


The Show

A show at Medieval Times is full of  knights in combat, falconry, jousting and more excitement. My group cheered on the red knight, and boy was he a badass!


Enjoy a four-meal course that you must eat  with your hands… that’s right. There’s NO silverware at Medieval Times, just how life was like in the Medieval Ages. The servers, who act as 11th century characters, first bring out a tasty tomato basil soup and a thick slice of garlic bread. For the main course, feast your eyes a big piece of tender chicken! Vegetarian options are also available. Lastly, dig into dessert, which we had a slice of lemon pound cake. Beverages from the bar are available during the show, and you can also choose from water, iced tea or soda.

The venue does a great job in making sure the food is just as perfect as the show you’re watching.


The falconry scene was one of my favorite parts of the show and the most beautiful. The handler had the hawk soar through the sky around him on command. Don’t worry, the hawk won’t get close to you!


Guess what? Our red knight won the battle!



Group photos are available for purchase after the show. We bought a few copies of this one in our Halloween costumes.

Word on the street is that a new queen has arrived to the Dallas castle. Guess that means I have a reason to go back soon!

Medieval Times is located at 2021 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207. General tickets are $60.95 per adult and $36.95 for children 12 and under. Check the website for upcoming ticket specials as you plan a visit. Upgrades like VIP seating are also available. Click here to see upgrade options.

 Click here to purchase tickets and to see a list of operating hours.

I bid thee farewell!


(Disclaimer: My ticket was complimentary, and all opinions are my own.)