How to be a Job Hunting Pro

(This post was written by our friend and public relations specialist Emily Suied.)

Job-hunting is never easy, but it’s very necessary! Whether you’ve just graduated and are looking for your first real job or if you’ve been in the work world for a few years, job hunting can be hard.

I feel like my college career was a never-ending job hunt. Internships go by so quickly, and in 4-6 months it’s time to find a new gig. I got a lot of practice finding jobs, and I got pretty darn good at it.

Here are some of my favorite tips for job hunters:

Get organized.

Make an Excel spreadsheet, and every time you apply for a job write down all the details including the name of the company, contact info, what you sent to them (resume/cover letter/sample work), and the date you applied. By adding all this information to your spreadsheet, you will be able to stay on top of every application. And when you get a call back you will know who you sent your application to and what you sent them.

Network, network, network!

Everyone knows the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This statement is 100 percent true! You can be totally qualified for a position, but if the hiring managers don’t know you and no one recommended you then there’s a very large chance that they won’t hire you or even interview you. So join professional organizations (such as PRSA), go to luncheons and mixers, and hand out your business card to everyone you meet.

Don’t get discouraged, and be flexible.

It’s a tough market out there, and it might take you some time to find a job that’s right for you. Be patient! You might not find your dream job right away, but you will find a job that can be a stepping-stone to your desired career. Keep your end goal in mind, and find a job that will give you the skills you need to reach the job of your dreams.

I hope these tips help you! They’ve helped me through college and in my post-grad life. Do you have any job-hunting tips that have worked for you? Share them below in the comments. Happy Hunting!

About the author: Emily Suied

Emily is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington and now works as a Communications Specialist for the Fort Worth Library. An avid PRSA-er, Emily is on the board of the Dallas NuPros and attends PRSA events in Dallas and Fort Worth. In her spare time Emily is a Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters and enjoys traveling, blogging, and discovering Dallas/Fort Worth. Connect with her via Twitter at @emilysuied.