Infographic: Are you Facebook friends with your boss?

AVG Technologies released the findings of its latest research, “Digital Baggage,” the sixth stage of its “Digital Diaries” series. The survey was pulled from over 4,400 18-25 year olds and found that a sizeable chunk of  young adults, especially those entering the workforce from or after school — are using social networks to broadcast personal and work-related information that could potentially threaten their young careers.

For instance:

  • One in eight young professionals voice work-related frustrations online, while only 40% adjust their privacy settings to make sure their opinions aren’t seen by their employers
  • 21% of young professionals in the US have inappropriate photos posted online
  • While half of those surveyed wish they could remove inappropriate photos, over half don’t even consider going back to edit their online profiles

AVG has also put together a few video shorts that offer action-items for users to create a professional boundary between their social media presence and work-life. What’s in your digital baggage? 


(This content was reprinted from AVG Technologies.)