iPhone 4 and 4S accessories super cheap

I am a card carrying Apple fangirl so naturally I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 on day one. I had almost convinced myself that I wasn’t going to do this upgrade, but my mom has a hand-me-down iPhone that’s acting a bit wonky since it made a dive into a body of water. That paired with my “I already wanted it anyway” internal conversations I decided to order the 5 and give her my 4S. (insert: whining moment that it’s not here yet)

In some of searching for adapters I discovered that Amazon has a bajillion, okay actually 3,000 iPhone accessories at ahhhmazing pricing. I guess all of the accessory making companies are trying to clear out iPhone 4 and 4S inventory to get their bright and shiny iPhone 5 cases/changers/adapters on the market. In an effort to keep myself for spending hours looking for covers for myself I decided to share this awesome deal with you lovely people.

I have been an Amazon Prime subscriber for quite some time. So, I find myself browsing Amazon quite frequently, yet some how I didn’t know about Amazon Warehouse Deals. Apparently these items may have opened or missing boxes, be refurbed or have some other reason to be “deep discounted”. There are also warehouse deals on shoes (sortable by size, color, etc.)… this could be a problem!

Anyway, here are 3 covers I wish were on sale this much for me – Teal case ($9), Kate Spade Polka Dot Cover ($8.50!!), and Pink & Grey Otterbox ($15). Like I mentioned there are over 3,000 items listed here at major discounts. If you end up ordering something fun let me know so I can live vicariously through your super savings!

iPhone 4S covers on sale at amazon

disclaimer: Amazon did not encourage me to write this post. I was not compensated. However, I do use affiliate links to help with my gadget fund. Also Amazon prices are subject to change, so don’t blame me if you’re too slow to get the mega deals. kthx!

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