GenPink Picks: Karmaloop TV

Karamaloop, a streetwear clothing company, recently launched its generation multiplatform video content website, KarmaloopTV (KTV). The site chronicles and celebrates the progressive cut and paste youth movement known as “Verge” culture (the multi-racial, global and tech savvy alpha-consumers made up from the first generation to grow up with the internet). Karmaloop TV is dedicated to covering the all-encompassing “Verge” lifestyle from music and fashion to art and technology.

The redesigned colorful website presents an edgy look and the organized pages make the site very user friendly. I checked out clips from The Daily Loop page which features national news, sports, music and more.

Karamaloop TV also features exclusive interviews with artists, musicians, designers as well as behind-the-scenes access to events and parties. Notable names include Tony Hawk, Shaun White, Ke$ha, Far East Movement and Wiz Khalifa. It can’t get better than that!

“KTV is a dynamic, living and breathing showcase for the best, brightest, most talented and creative Verge culture influencers and personalities,” Karmaloop founder and CEO Greg Selkoe said. “It makes perfect sense for us to continually inspire and apply the most challenging and constantly evolving content and design elements to ensure that the website remains not at the forefront, but actually three to four steps ahead of would-be imitators.” Greg added, “There is no doubt Karmaloop TV is the epicenter of Verge Culture.”

KTV Fun facts:

  • Musician and producer Pharrell Williams serves as Karmaloop TV’s Creative Director. (We like Pharrell!)
  • Karmaloop TV will debut its Premium YouTube Channel this month! (June 2012)
  • KTV is projecting 350 million views in 2012.

Check out the shows and content, and let us know what you think in our comments section, below!

Read the full press release on Karmaloop TV’s launch here.

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