Keeping Winter Wonderful! | Food, Fashion, Beauty & More

The warm summer season is behind us, and the cold winter months are fast approaching. It’s time to winterize! Here are some tips to stay healthy, keep warm, and make the most of “the most wonderful time of the year.”


Mix and Match Winter Outfits

Keeping Winter Wonderful! | Mix & Match Outfits
Coats! Scarves! Leggings! Sweaters! Boots! It’s time for winter style and all the fun mixing and matching possibilities. Created from a selection of great clothing items from Target are some adorable winter outfits. Check them out here!


Hot Beverage Bar
Keeping Winter Wonderful! / Hot Beverage Bar - fun for Christmas or New Years

Winter parties are rolling around the corner, and what better way to warm up your guests than with a hot beverage bar? With an adorable arrangement of yummy snacks and ingredients, this is sure to perfect your next winter party. Find out how here!


Winter Beauty Essentials
Keeping Winter Wonderful! / Winter Beauty Essentials

The cold weather of the winter season quickly takes its toll, giving us dry skin, dry hair, dry lips. Everything seems to become a little dry. Fight the cold and keep moisturized with this compilation of great products from lip balms, to hair treatments and lotions. Get the list here!


Warm Blended Soups

Keeping Winter Wonderful! / Blended Soup Recipes
There’s nothing more satisfying than a warm bowl of soup after a long day in the cold. Satisfy your winter cravings with these easy, healthy, and delicious soup recipes. Find them here!


DIY Boot Socks

Keeping Winter Wonderful! / DIY Boot Socks
Winter shopping can get expensive, so why not just make some of the additions to your wardrobe? These home-made boot socks, an essential to winter dress, are simply cut from an old sweater. Sort through your closet and transform that old ugly sweater into some adorable much-needed socks for the winter! Find instructions here!


DIY Glitter Tights

Keeping Winter Wonderful! / DIY Glitter Tights
You can never have too much glitter right? With some glue and glitter, these sparkly tights are simple and easy to make, and they will really brighten up your winter outfits! Learn how to make these, and find many more ideas for incorporating glitter into your winter here!


Winter Coats
Keeping Winter Wonderful! / Winter Coats

In the height of the winter season, it can be difficult to look stylish while also staying warm. This wide selection of unique pastel and patterned coats from Joo Joo Azad makes that much easier. Spice up your style, and find some beautiful coats to complete your outfits here!

I hope you found some ideas and products to help you stay happy, healthy, and warm this winter season! To find even more, visit my Winter Wonderfuls Pinterest board here!

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