Let Your Font Do the Talking / FREE font round-up

Maybe it’s just us, but we have 87* events coming up this Spring (*may be a slight exaggeration). To save ourselves some dollars, we’ve been using Facebook events and making our over cover images. A good font can make these DIY graphics so much more fun. Here’s your hookup to a plethora of beautiful, FREE fonts for all of your creative needs.


A Woodsy Vibe

When you need a rugged, handwritten font, here’s a great place to look. This font is called Foxhole, and it would look great on your next print project. Get it here!


Happy, Fun, FREE

With names like Vibrant and Fabulous, you know these fonts have to be FUN. Use them for the invitations to your next birthday party, or on a homemade, DIY birthday card! Find them here.


Arrows ‘n’ Such

Highlight your new font, and your important information, by using these fun, FREE arrows. They’ll point right to what you want your readers to see. Here they are!


Super CUTE Fonts

Throwing a baby shower any time soon? If so, these are the fonts for you. Their cute styles look great in baby pink, baby blue, or baby yellow and green! Here’s where you get them.


Handwritten Charm

Give your flyer a personal touch by making it look like you’re the one writing it. Use a notebook background and it’ll look like a jazzed up book report from 6th grade. Here they are!


Staying Connected

Adamas – this font looks like the artwork of a literate, artsy spider. Use it on graphics you put together for your social media pages. Get it here!


Chalkboard Fonts

With more than just fonts, these will give your graphic the look of a chalkboard message. Use a black background to get the most out of these creative fonts. Find them here!


Time for Girls Night Out

Use these fonts for all your party needs! They’ll give your invitations that classy look you’re going for, so your guests will know to expect a night to remember. Here’s where to find them!


16 More

Here are sixteen more FREE fonts for all your print and design needs. From flouncy to professional, you’re sure to find one on this list for any of your future projects. Here they are!


Now you’re all set! You’re sure to get some good compliments from your next media project when you find your font from this list. For even more font selection, go to the Typography & Fonts Pinterest page here!