Looking good on paper

Whether you’re unemployed looking for a job or wanting to switch to a new position, your resume is a huge factor in leading you to that next career gig. Your resume will be judged by HR representatives, potential bosses and other executives. It needs to look flawless. After college I thought my resume was in shape. That was until I met communications professionals (I’m in PR) who told me that vital pieces were missing.

After learning about those details, I was still unsure on how to include everything on my resume and see the overall “big picture.” I recently contacted Sydney Owen from 3 Ring Media to help buff up my resume. I learned about her services on the u30Pro Facebook group– a great group for Gen-Y folks to join, by the way! It’s such an energetic group of young professionals, and we network like no other. That’s how I met Sydney!

Sydney offers a variety of professional services including resume consultation and edits, career navigation and optimizing online profiles. She’ll really bite through your resume in the editing process and tell you how to get it in tip-top shape. Formatting is very important, and Sydney also helped me choose the right words and types of statistics to include.

I appreciated the fact Sydney worked with my tight deadline and really took the time to listen to my needs. I must say, my resume went from boring to active in just a few days. Sydney also can walk you through what to include on your social media pages. Additionally, she’ll provide advice on how to talk to your company on a variety of subjets, such as telling your boss you’re leaving for another job without it being totally awkward.

If you think your resume or social profile needs a facelift, contact Sydney at 3ringmedia@gmail.com for assistance. Overall, the affordable cost is an investment for your future. Get a head start to look good online and on paper.

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One Comment

  1. Sydney Owen says:

    Thanks for the shout out, ladies. Happy to help people look good on paper! ;)