Maybe the answer is women make no sense

Maybe the answer is women make no sense

Being of the female species is so odd. Every time I get into a discussion with my boyfriend, a male friend, or any other guy about why a woman did such and such it usually ends in some variation of “if you women can’t even understand each other, no wonder guys can’t. We don’t even stand a chance.”

Maybe the answer is women make no sense

– Women have been known to pick a friend because she’s intelligent. And then later hate her because she makes her feel stupid.
– Women can compliment a “friend” on how beautiful she is, while secretly be turning flips inside at how jealous she is of her figure.
– Women can say negative things about another woman, through her teeth, while smiling and then scream with “excitement” as soon as her *dear friend* is within arm’s length.
– There’s a 50/50 chance that “I love your dress” is actually a compliment if it comes from a woman.
– The dynamic in a group of women generally changes if even one guy enters the room.

When I was in elementary school , my male cousin said “when guys are mad we just punch each other. Then we make up and we are over it.” He genuinely had no idea why elementary age girls gossiped about each other, were friends one day and enemies the rest, and spent so much energy on girls they didn’t like.

I have always been overly logical and an analyzer. If you asked me to help move your coffee table from one side of the room to the other I’d want to know why first. I don’t think this is very typical female of me. With my 20+ years of analyzing, I most often have no answer to why women do what they do or the cliche “what do women want”.

Ladies… what’s your opinion on the matter?

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2 thoughts on “Maybe the answer is women make no sense

  1. I was watching a movie with some friends last night and the main female character did something inexplicable. One of my  girlfriends piped up, “Woman are so confusing.” She paused a beat and then added, “I am SO glad I don’t have to worry about dating us.” The girls in the room cracked up laughing and the boys mostly looked bewildered.
    I guess what I’m saying is that I totally know what you mean.

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