OMG, y’all I am so excited!

OMG, y’all (yes I’m from Texas) I am so excited!

A couple of weeks ago I was reading one of the many blogs that I follow and they announced that their was a new website to check out that was giving away a free ipod. So of course, I jumped right over to see what it was because a) I’m a big nerd and I love new websites b) I’d love to win an ipod.

The website was Paperclippy.

Paperclippy is the shopping blog for professional women on the go. We feature cute work outfits, fun office gear, interesting books, and other cool stuff for working gals. We post new items every weekday, so make sure to bookmark the site.

I browsed through the site and proceeded to go enter myself into the drawing for the ipod shuffle. They were requesting help to spread the word about their new site. In exchange for forwarding on their site to my friends I’d be entered into the drawing. (I’m sure some of you remember getting that email).

Anyways … I woke up this morning to an email from them. I WON THE IPOD! I am so excited.

Here is screenshot of what it says on their website. *notice that the name in the hat is mine, how cute is that.

iPod Contest Winner

And this is the ipod that I won.

Pink I-Pod Shuffle

Anyways, yay for me now I will have a cute pink ipod to take to the gym. Go check out paperclippy, I bet you will like it.

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  1. So excited for you! I finally found some time to look at that website. I really like it…and they have organized obsessed people on there too! haha:o)

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