Our Favorite Potty Training Toddler Books!

Potty training: those two words can send shudders down the spine of any toddler parent, and for good reason. Learning to use the restroom can be scary for a lot of little ones, and trying to teach them to do something they definitely don’t want to – at the age where they’ve discovered the fun in saying, “No!” – is exhausting.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite toddler potty training books – teaching your toddler what to expect from using the potty, why it’s important, and making it seem fun and normalized is a huge step in winning the battle that is graduating from diapers to “Big Kid” pull-ups. Check out our picks below and let us know in the comments what other tips and tricks you’ve used for potty training!

1. The Potty Train

If your little one likes cars, trucks, or trains, this book is great for encouraging them to take the journey to “Underpants Station”. The book uses a lot of fun metaphors about going to the bathroom, and while you may need to explain some of them to your toddler, it’s a great way to open up conversation and talk to them about their fears and questions around using a toilet.



2. Proud to Potty

Proud to Potty is part of a three-book set that also includes Brush Up and Tubbie Time. The illustrations are adorable, and encourage kids to take on “Big Kid” challenges like brushing their teeth, bathing, and using the the bathroom in a fun way. The pages are thick and hold up well, which makes it a great book to keep in the bathroom for your toddler to read while they’re using the potty.



3. Even Firefighters Go to the Potty

This book is a hilarious and fun way to explain to kids that everyone uses the potty. Sometimes kids are having too much fun to stop and use the restroom even when they know they have to go, and this book addresses that with a firefighter on his way to an alarm, a zoo keeper on his way to feed the polar bears, and other fun examples that show you can stop what you’re doing and use the potty.



4. Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Boy Pants!

We love this book because it doesn’t just encourage kids to use the potty, it encourages them to take an interest in toilet training in general. Keeping kids curious about what they’re doing and why is a great way to combat some of the anxiousness and get them interested in going potty by themselves. The thick cardboard pages also make it extra sturdy, so it’s a good one to keep in the bathroom to read together when your little one is learning.


5. Potty Time with Elmo 

We love all of the Sesame Street books, and this one is no different! Elmo’s doll, Baby David, is learning to use the potty just like Elmo. The interactive buttons make it extra fun with phrases and flushing and washing sounds – it’s a great way to explain concepts to your toddler, and then practice immediately afterwards, using the interactive buttons to narrate their own time using the potty.


Are there any favorite potty training books you used for your toddler? What about books for you as the parent? Let us know in the comments below!