Pretty Illustrations to Inspire your Creativity

Here are some beautiful paintings and drawings to your brighten up your surroundings and inspire creativity within you. With these illustrations you can make stationary, decorate your home, update your screen savor, or simply use them as inspiration for your own works of art.

Hair Illustrations


These stunning hair drawings, done by Brittany Schall, are absolutely beautiful and great inspiration for new hairstyles. Take a look at more of her excellent artwork here!

Draw Me a Song


This clever “Draw me a Song” art medium illustrates popular song lyrics with stunning cartoons. It would make for great wall hangings or calendars. Find more of this artist’s creative work here!

50 Facial Expressions and How to Draw Them


Drawing the human face is no easy task, but an incredible skill to have. With these simple drawing instructions, you can take the first step to becoming a portrait master or at least a better doodle artist. Get instructions here and have fun sketching!

Piccsy: Amazing Free Illustrations


Piccsy image website has hundreds of stunning illustrations, like this adorable girl in the rain cartoon. The best part is they’re all free. Visit the website here!

Valentine’s Day Illustration Cards


These adorable illustrated Valentine’s Day cards are so unique. Perfect cards for your loved ones. Find them here!

Fun Office Space Illustrations


This fun drawing would be perfect for office or living room décor. Take a closer look at this and many other brilliant images here!

52 Weeks of Drawing


This fun drawing project challenges you to draw something once a week for a year. With a fun and different theme each week, by the end of the challenge, your drawing skills will surely be improved, and you’ll have so much fun in the process! You may find yourself extending the challenge beyond one year. Find the challenge here!

Lifelike Pencil-Drawn Masterpieces


These remarkable pencil drawings, absolutely beautiful and inspiring, are reminders of the beautiful artwork that can be achieved with simply a pencil in hand. Browse this striking artwork here!

I hope you found some new art inspirations and image resources that will be helpful to you. To find even more, visit my Pretty Illustrations Pinterest board here! Happy viewing!