Procrastinator’s Solution: New Year’s Cards!

This post is sponsored by Walmart photo.

Procrastinator’s Solution: New Year’s Cards!

The holidays are a beautiful time full of love and family – but they can also be a time of chaos and not having time to get everything checked off your list. If Christmas cards were one of those items that never got a check mark, never fear! Hallmark has partnered with Walmart, and they’ve come to your rescue. New Year’s Cards are just as good as Christmas ones, and the ones they’ve created look fabulous!

Lots of space for your holiday pictures and the font are super cute!

The Details

Hallmark and Walmart photo have teamed up, so the designs are fun and the price is right. In as little as one hour, your New Year’s cards can be printed and ready to mail off to friends and family. They have looks that range from playful to classy, and each card has the Hallmark insignia at the bottom. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, this is definitely the way to go. I currently have 17,000 photos on my phone, so I like the option to select the card design based on the number of photos included. I default to the 4+ photo option. If you’re capable of picking just one, more power to you!


One reason this is such a great deal is because you’re really getting the Hallmark look for the Walmart price; a lot of the cards are on Rollback right now, so you can get deals like a set of 20 for $7 (seriously! $7!!), or print out individual cards starting at $0.28. It’s super affordable and combined with the 1-hour wait, it’s a great deal.

I love the layout of this one – and the colors look fresh and perfect for a new year!

What are you waiting for? If you procrastinated in sending out your Christmas Cards, it’s not too late to get those New Year’s cards printed and sent! To check out their designs, click HERE. Make sure to take a photo of your design and use the hashtag #LoveHallmark so we can see your cute cards!